Comet Awesomeness

Here you will find stories written by my friend and sister Comet.

Dreams May Come True
by Comet

Ran hurried past her father’s detective agency to their apartment above. Usually very neat she just dropped her school bag and karate uniform on her bed. She grabbed her robe and hurried to the shower. While in the shower, she couldn’t stop smiling and giggling to herself. She stepped out and put her robe on. She hurried back to her room. She knew exactly what to wear. She bought it just for this special occasion, Shinichi, had come home.

It was blue sleeveless dress. It had a small v-neck and came to mid-thigh. She also had a pair of blue pumps. The dress had a belt, but she couldn’t find it. She shrugged, it still looked good without it.

She left the apartment, went down a few steps to the detective agency and opened the door. There he was, Shinichi Kudo, standing talking to her father.

Conversation ceased shortly after she opened the door. Shinichi turned to look at her and she saw his look of surprise before he covered it up with his trademark smile, the one he used when he solved the mystery. “Ran.”

She wanted to throw herself in his arms.

“You’re beautiful.” He said.  He was dressed dark blue suit, dark green tie. He offered her his arm and she took it. Her father was saying something, she chose to ignore. When Shinichi closed the door, he brought their arms down and grabbed her hand. He just stared at her for few seconds and she stared back. Then they went down the steps together.

At the restaurant Shinichi did most of the talking but it wasn’t about cases or Sherlock Holmes. She had a wonderful time and afterwards he took her home. They stood outside the apartment.

“Welcome home, Shinichi,” she said.

“Ran,” he said. He leaned forward to kiss her and just before their lips touched…

She woke up. She lay there staring up at the ceiling and smile faded from her lips. The tears slid silently down into her hair.

(This story was written in response to the writing challenge – Getting dressed, belt)


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