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Writing Challenge 2018-03-25


A character makes someone a meal.



Ranma 1/2


“Okay, guys.  We are going to settle this today.” Ranma said to the group of boys who were in pursuit of Akane’s heart.  Each boy sat on the floor of Ranma’s bedroom.  “The one who eats the most wins.  Everyone else promises to leave Akane alone.”

Kuno smirked.  “Don’t expect us to be intimidated by an eating contest.”

Ryouga, Shinnosuke, and Gosunkugi all nodded in agreement, determination on their faces.

The door swung open showing a mound of cookies.  “I can’t believe you guys are having a boy’s night.” Came a voice behind the mountain of snacks.  The platter was placed on the table and Akane stood up smiling at them.  “I’m glad you are all getting along so well.”

The four boys smiled in response, blushes staining their cheeks.

“I’ve been baking all afternoon, so please enjoy.  There’s more, so don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything.”  With a wave Akane left the room.

Ranma watched as the smiles slipped away with the dawning horror.  The pale faces stared at the cookies as if they were poisonous snakes.  He confidently took one off the top.  “Begin.” Ranma said and took a bite.


Nibiki stepped aside as Ryouga ran down the hall toward the bathroom.  “Hey Nibiki,” Ranma said, popping the rest of a cookie in his mouth.

“Is that one of Akane’s cookies?”  Nibiki asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Mmm-hmm” he said around his cookie.

“Well that explains Ryouga.”  She said looking at where the boy had disappeared.

“He actually lasted longer than I thought.  He ate twice as much as any of the others.”  He grinned at Nibiki, “Kuno is passed out in the guest room across from mine.”

“Really?  Well, I’ll just go check on him.  Thanks Ranma.”

“No, Thank you Nibiki.”

“Anytime, most people don’t appreciate my ghost pepper smoothies.”