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Writing Challenge 2016-02-13 – Storming

Warning: m/m relationship, foul language





Roy trudged through the thigh deep snow.  The howling wind bit into his exposed skin.  Vigorously he rubbed his arms moving determinedly through the blizzard.

Silently he cursed himself.  His libido had done him in again.  How was he supposed to know that she had an identical twin sister?  Technically, he hadn’t been out of his pants yet.  It was a bit of an overreaction to abandon him on a mountain side half naked and bring a blizzard down on his head.

He didn’t know how long he’d been hiking through the wall of white.  He fell to his knees and knew he was in trouble.  The shivering had stopped and he was overwhelmed by the desire to lay down and sleep.  If only he had been able to grab his communicator.  Come on Titans, Roy silently prayed, I need you, don’t let me down.

He watched the snow pile in front of his eyes and it dawned on him, he lay on the ground.  He willed his limbs to move, but there was no response.  There wasn’t any panic, just an abstract curiosity that he really was going to die this time.

As he drifted in and out of consciousness he saw a pair of blue eyes looking down at him.  It was the most beautiful Siberian white tiger.  Part of him laughed at the absurdity of being eaten by a tiger, his friends would say “Only Roy could find such a weird way to go”.  He could feel the beast’s warm breath on his neck as he drifted away into darkness.



Roy tried to roll away from the heat against his chest.  “Robin, move” Roy mumbled, “I’m burning up.”  As he moved, he felt another body against his back.  He reached for the covers, trying to get some relief.  The body behind him shifted and a large hand gripped his hip.  “Cy?” Roy asked, consciousness coming more quickly.  A nose nuzzled at his neck and he felt a hot log slide along his thigh. “Dude!?” Roy said louder, suddenly wide awake.

“It’s alright man, we got you.” said a voice above him.  Hands grasped him and pulled him from between the two bodies.

He found himself stark-naked, standing between two young men, while a third pulled the sleeping bag back in place covering its remaining occupants.  They helped him over to a table.  He was wrapped in a blanket and sat in a chair. “Hello, I’m Cye,” A red headed fellow said as he sat a hot bowl of soup in front of him.  “You were suffering from hypothermia.  It may seem weird, but it is still the best way to warm the body.”

Roy was trying to pay attention, but his gaze kept going back to the sleeping bag that was now moving in a way he was very familiar with.  Finally getting his tongue under control Roy asked, “W-was he really going to…”

The blue haired man laughed, “oh yeah, you were about to be fucked.”

“Rowen!” Cye chided, he smiled at Roy gently, “Don’t worry about Kento.  We’ll leave him to Ryo, he knows how to handle him.”

“So,” the fifth and final man sat on his right, blonde hair obscuring one eye.  “Who are you? And why were you in the middle of nowhere without clothes?”

“Oh,” Roy scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.  “I had a fight with my lover and she abandoned me.”

“In a snowstorm?” Cye asked.

“Yeaaah, she is kind of responsible for that too.”

“So, she intended to kill you,” the blonde frowned in disapproval.  “Hero’s should have more control.  We can’t allow our emotions to rule.”

“Sage, I’m sure she didn’t mean for it to go this far.”  Cye said reassuringly, he looked a Roy hopefully.

Roy winced, “she wasn’t exactly a heroine.”

Rowen laughed, “so, you like the villains too.”  He gave a leer, “so much sexier.”

Cye and Sage looked at each other and sighed.

Roy tried to ignore the increasing sounds coming from the corner of the room.  “So, what brings you guys out here?”

There was a scratching at the door.  “The cat wanted to play in the snow.” Rowen said as he went to the door and opened it.

“Cat?” Roy asked.  Why would anyone go all the way to the mountains for a pet to play in the snow?  Through the door walked an enormous tiger with blue eyes.  “Oh, the CAT.”




Writing Challenge

  • The story starts during a snowstorm. During the story, a relative shows up.


  • Roy Harper
  • Samurai Troopers