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Writing Challenge 2017-08-12

By Nova (2018-03-04)


Lita wandered down the empty streets of Tokyo.  The rain poured down from the sky, ricocheting off her umbrella.  She hummed to herself not at all put off by the crashing thunder or streaking lightning.  In a strange way it was comforting, like a friend dropping by for a visit.

Suddenly, through the rumbling thunder she heard a terrified squeaking.  Looking around she saw a dark shape on the edge of the road struggling in a drain.  The rain water rushed over the writhing squeaking thing.  Lita immediately dropped her umbrella to rescue the poor drowning creature.  Carefully, she pried the small animal free.  It struggled briefly before calming in her hands.  Stepping under a nearby street light she was surprised to find it was a small black piglet.  It must have been someone’s pet she reasoned, it was sporting a yellow handkerchief around it’s throat.

The poor thing was exhausted and half drown.  She looked around, but they weren’t any homes on this street.  Who knew where it had come from or how long it would take her to find its owner.  Now they were both soaked through, she couldn’t exactly go door to door in this condition.

She tucked the pig into her arm, retrieved her umbrella and headed home.  Once they were both clean and dry, she could take pictures and post them around to find the owners.

The cute little thing snuggled against her breast and fell asleep during the walk home.

Entering her apartment, she hurried to the bathroom.  Closing door firmly behind her, she propped her umbrella in the corner with her purse. She would let everything drain here while she bathed them both.

When she turned on the faucet the pig woke and squealed.  Thrashing around it broke free and skidded across the tile floor to huddle as far from the water as it could get.

“You poor thing!” Lita said smiling gently.  “It’s alright, this water is warm and I’ll keep you safe.”  She adjusted the temperature and turned on the shower.

The piglet ran over to the door and scratched frantically at the jam and jumping toward the handle.

“It’s going to be okay,” Lita soothed.  She pulled off her clothes, tossing the soggy garments to the floor.  “I’m going to get you all clean and you’ll feel better.”

Lita approached slowly, she was really starting to get concerned the little piglet was trembling, its eyes were huge and its face was taking on a reddish color.

She needed to get it clean and dry before it became sick.

“Come here sweetie.” Lita called reaching her hands out.

The animal ran and hid under the sink.  As Lita approached it dashed back to the door.  Its tiny hooves clattered over the tile, slipping and sliding as it ran from her.  She spent 10 minutes chasing, before pausing in frustration.  She stood with a huff, hands on her hips, catching her breath.

The pig was again under the sink.

Chasing wasn’t getting her anywhere.  The thing completely, thwarted any attempts to herd it toward the shower.  What could she use to catch the little animal?

She saw her umbrella propped against the wall and her clothes on the floor.  “Even if I can’t wash him I can at least take care of my things.” She said out loud.

Walking away from the pig, she opened up her umbrella.  Setting it down in the corner near the door to dry.  Then she grabbed her clothes, walking over to the sink, she began squeezing the water out of her garments.  The pig ran away to hid under the open umbrella.  Once the clothes were as dry as possible, she stretched them out over the curtain rod to finish drying.

Approaching the door again, she heard the hooves preparing to dash.  Lita reached toward her purse, instead quickly grabbed the umbrella handle and pulled.  The piglet squealed as it was scooped up.


Lita clutched the writhing creature to her chest and stepped under the spray.

It froze and Lita looked down to see a boy’s face squished between her breasts.

They stared at each other in shock.

He said, “uh…” breaking the moment.

Lita tossed him away with gasp.

He stumbled out of the tub and dashed out of the apartment.

Lita just stared at the open doorways.

“He looked like my ex-boyfriend.”




The story ends during a rainstorm.


Ranma 1/2