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Don’t read this.

It is terrible.

I sat down at my computer determined to write SOMETHING, ANYTHING.  So, I did…

There are words, but they don’t amount to much.  It doesn’t have a story, it doesn’t stand alone.  If you haven’t read ‘Possession’ it won’t make a bit of sense.

I left it and came back an hour later and hated everything.


It is something… and I can’t think of anything else right now.

So… here it is.

Don’t read it, just move on.  I’m not joking that it is awful.

Oh, you may have noticed that the date is old.  Well, sometimes I generate a Writing Challenge and then can’t think of anything to write.  So, I save it for another day.  And that day was today.  (maybe I should have waited)


Writing Challenge 11-9-2014

A character gives someone a good talking-to, and they are surprisingly over-enthused about it.




Noin stood before the castle guard.  “As of today, I am in charge.  You need to understand that your life means nothing to me more than your ability to serve our lord.  If you are unable to fulfill your duties, I will kill you myself.  Now is your moment to leave.  Any who remain will give their last breath to protect the lord and lady. I don’t want to know who you are or your reasons. I am going to meet with Duke Dremail. Be gone by the time I return.”

When Nion entered she was surprised to see one man remained.  She had given that speech many times and this was the first time anyone had stayed behind.

“What is your name?”

“Jadeite,” he said saluting.

“Do you understand what I will demand from you?”

“Loyalty or Death,” he responded firmly, passion showing in his eyes.

“Why so eager to face death?” Noin asked curiously.

“Commander Noin only trains the best.  I want to be the best, to be worthy of Lady Dorothy and Lord Lion.”

“Good.” Noin nodded approvingly.  “Go fetch your things and meet me in the training field, we begin immediately.”

Jadeite saluted and quickly marched out.

Noin walked up the stairs to the balcony above.  She joined the couple standing in the shadows.  “You are a good judge of character.” Noin said.

“Thank you,” Dorothy said with a smile.  “I hate to give him up, but our General needs the very best to guard her back. Only someone special can stand at her side. I believe he has what it takes.”

As they departed, Dorothy clasped Lion’s hand.  “I hope Rei knows the sacrifice we are making for her.”