Circle 2017-06-17 – Dorothy


This is just a little character introspection for my grand future novel. “Circle”


Dorothy gazed at the small bit of blood trapped behind the glass. Even this tiny bit radiated a power that made her finger tips tingle.

She was a blood witch, no one knew more about the essence of life than her. It was one of the reasons she was so revered within the kingdom and feared across the planet. A fierce fighter on the battlefield and a terrifying leader. Enemies had been known to flee the field when Dorothy used her power to raise her troops from the ground. Blood continuing to flow through their veins even as they are cut wide open. The rumors were wrong, she could not raise the dead. Her troops would continue to fight as long as there was blood in their veins. Then, once the battle ended and Dorothy withdrew her power, they would die, but not until she had won. Blood was her element to command.

Hers was a planet ruled by super powered women and she was the perfect example of their race. Strong powerful beautiful relentless and vicious.

For a few millennia she had been in line for the throne. When the Queen was assassinated everyone expected Dorothy to step into her shoes. She was the commander of the army, the most powerful and feared woman in the Kingdom. What she commanded people did, the Queen herself had leaned heavily on Dorothy’s opinion.

The Kingdom was thrown into shock when a small girl, not even out of her first century, stepped forward to claim the crown. The crowd, who had gathered for the crowning, turned as one to Dorothy.

She knew they would follow her lead. Relena stood calmly staring into Dorothy’s eyes, asking a silent question. Dorothy stared back, the room dared not breath as they waited. With determined strides Dorothy walked up to Relena, hand on her sword and bowed at her Queen’s feet.

With that the battle for the throne was over and Relena was Queen. Dorothy left the room, not speaking a word. She was unable to form words, her tongue completely numb from the drop of blood she had tasted.

Relena had come to her and freely offered some of her blood, asking for Dorothy to support her.

Kingdoms were only as strong as their leaders. Those few incredibly strong women who shared their power with their people. Never in her life, had Dorothy felt such power. Relena was right to sit upon the throne.

Dorothy was not Queen, but she didn’t need to be. Relena’s power would serve Dorothy’s Kingdom. She was the leader of the people and that would not change.

Carefully, Dorothy sat down the vial. No one need know, that Relena could have easily destroyed Dorothy.

For the first time in her life, she had found a blood beyond her control.

Dorothy smiled, it was completely thrilling.