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I wanted to do a little something for Star Wars day.


May the 4th be with you

by Nova



May the 4th be with you




“Is it cute? or is it stupid?” Hilde asked, adjusting the elaborate wig.

“It’s cute!” Sally said patting her own bun shaped hair.  “Every guy has a princess Leia fantasy.”

“I for one, thank you for coming to the party,” Relena said looking every bit the regal princess in her white gown.  “I don’t know if I could have done this without your moral support.”

“It’s going to be fun,” Noin said from her seat in the corner.  “But don’t expect it to last long.  I give Zechs about twenty minutes before he is ready to head upstairs.”

Hilde giggled, “I don’t know that Duo will wait that long.”

“It will be interesting to see who lasts the longest.  Wufei will definitely try to outlast Heero.”  There was wicked gleam in Sally’s eye.

Noin smiled, they all knew how mischievous the doctor could be.  She lived for opportunities like this.  “Relena, why did you decide to have a Star Wars party?  It doesn’t really seem your style.”

“Well,” Relena blushed and started fiddling with her dress.  “As you are aware, Heero has been playing hard to get.  Star Wars is his favorite movie and Dorothy told me the first time with Quatre was in costume. So….”

The girls came and wrapped their arms around Relena.

“It’s okay,” Hilde said.  “We’ll help anyway we can.”

“Thank you.” Relena said.

“Speaking of Dorothy.” Sally said, “This is totally in her thing.  Why didn’t she come?”

“Oh, she already had plans.”  Relena pulled out her phone.  She showed them all a picture of Dorothy in the Leia gold bikini chained to her bed.

“Damn!” they gasped.

“I’m glad she stayed away.” Noin said, “Who wants to compete with that?”

“That is so hot,” Sally said softly.  “I might have jumped her myself.”

“Well Relena,” Hilde said, “If plan A fails, now we have a plan B.  If the boys don’t enjoy the show, we all go molest Dorothy.”

Sally grinned, “That’s one way to get her to cum.”