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I thought of one line this morning and I just loved it.  So, I crafted this story around it.  Enjoy

Warning: Mature content and language.



KnB short 2017-02-08

Kagami dropped to the ground beneath the tree.  The cool shade a welcome relief from the hot tarmac of the basketball court.  Kuroko stood by his side.  This vantage point gave him an eye full of abs, as Kuroko pulled up his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face.  He would always be slender, but during the three years they had played basketball together Kuroko had put on muscle and couldn’t claim a lack of guns anymore.

He had an urge to lean forward and lick the exposed pale skin.

Guiltily Kagami pulled his gaze away to stare off at the nearby court where two men were playing.  Luckily, he could pass of his flushed face due to exertion instead of arousal.

It wasn’t that he was concerned Kuroko would react negatively.  The sexual tension had been swirling around them for years.  If he made the move, he was sure Kuroko would be interested, but that was also the problem.

How was he supposed to tell his shadow, his partner, the much shorter, more slender man what he really wanted was to be held?  All of his masturbatory fantasies, and there were many, involved Kuroko deep inside his body.  In his mind Kuroko had taken him so many times he’d lost count.

In every physical way Kagami was the bigger man.  It was natural that Kuroko would expect him to top.  He’d felt Kuroko’s eyes watching him, just waiting for him to make the final step in their relationship.

How could he tell Kuroko that he didn’t want that role?

Kagami sighed, he couldn’t do it.  There was no way he could say it out loud.

Absentmindedly he watched the men play.  The were very intense and obviously very familiar with each other’s moves.  One guy was a really good guard, he was big not giving any room under the net.  Not really tall, but muscular making the other man appear much slighter than he actually was.  The smaller man’s red tank showed off muscular arms as he shot the ball.  The big guy was able to get his hand on it and swat it out of the air.  Unfortunately for him, red tank was faster and recovered the ball.  This time the ball sailed through the net.

With a whoop of triumph the smaller man launched himself at his friend.  The big guy caught him easily, holding him high against his chest laughing.

Kagami almost choked on his tongue when red tank gripped big guy’s hair and assaulted him with an open mouthed kiss.

He could feel Kuroko tense beside him.  This display would be odd in America, much less in a park in the middle of Japan.  He didn’t dare look at his shadow, not when he felt himself stirring.  Wishing that it were he and Kuroko.

Red tank pulled back, “I’m going to fuck you so hard when we get home.” he said, hopping down.

Big guy gasped, looking around.  “Shit! Ryo! You can’t just…” he sputtered catching site of them.

The smaller man was already across the court gathering their stuff.  “hurry up, let’s go.”

Hesitating a moment longer, big guy finally shrugged apologetically and took off after his lover.

Reluctantly, Kagami looked up.  Kuroko’s face was it’s normal composed blankness, but his eyes burned through Kagami.  With it understanding.

“Kagami-kun, let’s go.”

He didn’t need to confess his needs, Kuroko understood.

“Hell yeah.”