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Dorothy glided across the room toward Treize.  She was looking forward to showing off her latest defiance.  Wufei trailed behind her.  He’d worn an arrogant smile all day.  She wondered about it briefly, he didn’t usually enjoy annoying the king like she did.  King Treize was her legal guardian, but she couldn’t stop pushing the boundaries of the acceptable.

Treize lifted an eyebrow at Dorothy’s approach, obviously suspicious.  He knew her so well.

“Dorothy?” Treize asked as she stopped in front of him.

She pulled down the sleeve of her dress, exposing her left shoulder.  A golden dragon with red spines lay bright against her pale flesh.

He blinked in surprise.  His attention went to Wufei who exposed his left shoulder with a matching red dragon with gold spines.

Treize cleared his throat.  “I suppose congratulations are in order.”

Dorothy frowned.  This was not the reaction she had expected.

“Thank you.” Wufei replied.

Dorothy turned her narrow gaze on Wufei.  “What is going on?”

Wufei was looking at her with a confident possessive gaze.  A feeling of dread rolled down her spine.

“You bare his family crest.  By the law and traditions of his people, you are now his wife.”  Treize’s words rolled over her.  She watched the triumph light Wufei’s eyes.

A ringing smack sounded through the room.

Dorothy’s hand stung and a red outline graced Wufei’s cheek.  His eyes didn’t change and her fury was not dampened.  Her freedom was more important than anything else.  He had stolen her most valued prize.  Standing there gloating at her.  She’d never hated someone so much as she did this moment.  The urge to keep hitting him burned her palm.  Instead she pulled back, giving him a cool distant look.  He enjoyed her passion and right now she never wanted him to enjoy anything ever again.  With a false calm she turned and walked casually out of the room.

Wufei watched her go.  He would have to keep a close eye on her.  She was bound to do something extreme in an attempt to escape him.

“I hope you know what you are doing, Honorable Son.” Treize said.

Wufei turned toward the king.  “Great Honorable Grandfather will be pleased with the treaty we have signed and now we are bound together by blood.  My wife will come to understand the situation.”

“Dorothy is not easily tamed.  There were others you could have chosen who would have been proud to be an Empress.”

“A perfect reason to not marry them.  Do not worry about Dorothy.  I am every bit as hard, conniving, and stubborn as she is.”

Wufei didn’t realize how his face softened while speaking of his new wife.  Treize realized that his young cousin would be treasured, if she would bend enough to allow it.

“It’s hard to believe that Dorothy isn’t even tempted by the thought of being a Queen.”  Treize watched a sly look pass across the chinaman’s eyes.  “Does she know who you really are?”

“Not yet.  Once she accepts me, will be soon enough to tell her.”