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The story ends in a kitchen. The story takes place at midnight exactly. During the story, someone is mistaken for someone famous. The story must have a kraken in it. —–

Kagami woke with a jolt.  Someone was banging on the front door.  Glancing at the clock, he saw it was midnight.  Not bothering with getting dressed he rushed from his bedroom.

“Oi, Bakagami!” Aomine’s voice came through the door and the pounding continued.

Kagami swung the door open.  “What the hell Aomine!”

The Touou ace pushed his way in.  “Dude, dude, dude.  You’ve got to see this.”

“Do you know what time it is?  My neighbors are going to be so pissed.”

Aomine ignored Kagami, “Look at this.” He pointed to his shirt.

Kagami squinted, “someone wrote on your shirt.”

“Its Michael Jordan.” Aomine crowed triumphantly.

“No its not.”

“Yeah it is!  I met him!”

“Dude, that isn’t Jordan’s signature.”

Aomine sputtered.  “It was totally Jordan!” Aomine yelled.  “He claimed to be some guy named Allen Heckard, but I know Jordan when I see him.”

“And you bugged the poor guy till he gave you an autograph.”

“Well, yeah!  It was Michael Jordan!”

“You’re an idiot. Get out.”

“What the fuck it your problem?”

“You woke me up at midnight to show me that some stranger wrote Michael Jordan on your shirt.”  Kagami yawned.  “Get out, I’m going back to bed.”

“Fine!” Aomine snapped.  “I’ll go see someone who’ll appreciate it.”  He stomped into the hall.

“Don’t wake Kuroko with your stupidity.” Kagami said, slamming the door in Aomine’s face.


Kagami stood at the stove frying eggs.  He heard the front door open and close.  “Morning Kuroko.”  Kagami said without turning around.

“Morning Kagami-kun.”  Kuroko said, “How is Kraken?”

“Creepy as hell.”

Kuroko gazed into the 75 gallon tank.  Gently he removed live shrimp from the bag in his hand and gently dropped them into the tank.  The crustaceans scurried along the bottom.  As he watched a streak of purple shot from under a chunk of coral enveloping the shrimp.

Satisfied that their pet was well fed he joined Kagami in the kitchen.  Sitting at the table Kagami lay a plate in front of him.

“Still an octopus is better than a dog.” Kagami said taking a seat.

“Kagami-kun should give Nigou another chance.”

Kagami snorted, “It was bad enough when he tried to jump on me when he fit in your arms.  Now that he is half your size, no thanks.”

They ate in silence, accept for Kuroko’s phone, which was trying to vibrate off the table.

“Dude, what is going on with your phone?”

Kuroko ignored the device.  “Have you heard from Aomine-kun?”

“Not today.”  Kagami said between bites.  “He stopped by last night being an idiot, but that’s all.  Why?”

“This morning he tweeted some pictures of an autograph.”

Kagami choked, “He didn’t.”

Kuroko nodded.

“That idiot!  I told him it was fake!”

“Yes, and the rest of the internet agrees with you.  He is being called a fool in over a dozen languages.”

Kagami shook his head.  “Well on the bright side, it probably isn’t bothering him too much.  Aomine can barely read Japanese.”