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Writing Challenge 2016-09-08

The story starts in a lost city. The story takes place over a century in the past. A character is pessimistic throughout most of the story. During the story, a character is in a vehicular accident.

“I blame you.” Aomine said, slowly backing up.

“Me!” Kagami yelled.  “Who wanted to wander off the map?  Who wanted to take the chariot for a joy ride?  Then after you wreck, cause your horsemanship is shit, who decided to wander around instead of heading back for help?”

“Yeah well, this was all your idea!”

“My idea was to hang out with Kuroko and have a little adventure.  Not piss Kuroko off so that he abandons us in a deserted city in the middle of Egypt, about to be killed by a horde of scorpions!”

They readied their weapons as the enormous insects approached.

“Come on Tetsu!  You’re not really going to just let this happen?”  Aomine protested.

“The scorpions tear your bodies to pieces, devouring them, with only your swords lying in the dust, to prove you were ever there.”  Kuroko said in monotone.  Standing he picked up Aomine’s character sheet, tore it in half and left the room.

“Dude,” Kagami said shaking his head.  “Rule number one; do not piss of the DM.”