So, I spent most of today reviewing and editing my Awkward series for posting on AO3.  Every once in a while I think something is good enough to be posted in an archive, but I try to keep my standards high.  I don’t post anything that isn’t complete.  Cause I hate falling in love with a story and not knowing if the author will finish.

Back in the day BlackHydra did it all the time, I don’t know if she ever finished a story, but the beginnings were awesome.  One of my favorite fics of all time is ‘Dawn and Moon Wars’ by Figgy.  It was a monster undertaking and is amazing to read.  Unfortunately, she only made it half way and stopped updating (she published chapters for 5 years).  I still love what she wrote and can only dream of what would have been.  And no, I would never conceive of finishing the story, even just for myself.  Her genius was way beyond my humble abilities.

I actually have a personal rule now.  I don’t read incomplete stories.  If a story sounds interesting, I bookmark it and when it is complete, then I will read it.

Here you will see all the bits and pieces I work on, that was the entire idea behind starting a blog.  I can get my stuff out there for critique, but not suffer from the pressure of completion in a timely manner.  (self pressure)

Any who

I think I will work on Nature or Nurture.  I want to post it to an archive, but I am not confident in it yet.  I’m going to have to go over it a few more hundred times.