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Warning: NSFW, Graphic Sexual Content

I wrote a bit for my Gundam Wing / Ai No Kusabi crossover.  This is just one scene and I have no idea when I will write the entire story.  I was inspired while driving to work this morning to get this down on paper.  I have no idea if it can stand alone, but here it is anyway.

Freaky Scientists / Dimensional transportation

Relena, Dorothy and Hilde are lost in the world of Ai No Kusabi.

The blonde beauties find themselves sold as pets to the aristocracy.

Hilde ends up fighting for her life in the world of mongrels.

Zechs and the G-boys enter the world in search of the girls.

Zechs takes charge, infiltrating the Blondies with Quatre and Duo as his pets and Trowa pretends to be furniture.  Heero and Wufei head for the slums in search of Hilde.

Relena is sold at a public auction and kept hidden away from everyone.  Dorothy doesn’t see her again.

Dorothy is purchased in a sideline deal by someone who called in a few favors.  The man is ambitious but not powerful.  He hopes having her will cause envy among his colleagues.  Dorothy quickly uses this to her advantage and promises him political power.  Not to be intimidated by her position as a Pet, she quickly dominates the exhibition ring where Pets fight for dominance while the Blondies watch and place bets.  With her position of strength achieved a new group of associates is acquired for her master.  With her sharp ears, quick mind, and discrete sly advice, her owner finds him self sailing toward the power he craved.



Rescue – Dorothy found

Quatre felt trepidation as they walked into the salon.  This would be the true test.  He suppressed the feeling of shame and humiliation at appearing in public in the pet outfit, his body on display for everyone to see.  He kept this head down in a submissive position.

Heero had pulled detailed documents on the expected behavior and training for pets in this insane world.  Quatre had spent the last week studying and practicing to pull off the illusion.  He had thought he was ready, but the reality was much more shameful then he had expected.  The boys moving about the room held themselves with an underlying sensuality he couldn’t replicate.  Their fake documents had them coming from a distant colony and that should cover his lack of finesse.

Quatre looked at his fellow pet.  Duo strutted, his hair a shimmering cascade of colors and waves.  His movements while not quite graceful were fluid and confident.  This was a man confident in his sex appeal and was not at all intimidated by the beautiful pets surrounding them or their leering masters.

This was a place to watch and be seen, with Duo by his side, Quatre could almost disappear.  He pushed down his feelings and concentrated on their mission.  They had to find Dorothy & Relena.  The blonde women would be a prized commodity and most likely located somewhere in Midas.  This salon offered the most rare and beautiful of pets.

Pets were on display around the room, many for sale.  They didn’t expect to find the girls among those.  Powerful men came here to do business and show their wealth.  It had been almost two months since they lost the girls and there was a genuine fear that they could be lost for good.  The pilots had agreed that they wouldn’t give up until the very last moment.

Quatre hoped the new company ‘Catan’ was really a hint from Dorothy.  The company had sprung up a little over a month ago and the company logo featured crossed fencing foils.  It specialized in military consulting and training.  The up and coming owner of the company was supposed to be here tonight.  If there was even a slight chance that he had a connection to Dorothy, they had to take it.

They came to their table and Quatre settled on the floor, laying his head on Zech’s knee.  Long fingers drifted through his hair.   The position gave him a mostly unobstructed view of the stage.

Duo sat on the cushions above him, draped on Zech’s shoulder.

It was a good 45 minutes before Quatre felt Duo tense.  Zechs kept a cool empty expression as Duo spoke into this ear, just loud enough for Quatre to hear.  “He’s here.  Dorothy isn’t with him, just one male pet.”

Their table was strategically placed and gave Quatre a clear view of their target’s table.  The man settled into his seat, the pet sitting next to him, in profile to Quatre.  When the boy turned his head Quatre got a good look at him and gasped.  Red hair was cut in such a way as to hide one side of his face, leaving one brilliant green eye in sharp relief.  It could not be a coincidence.  The owner of Catan had a pet who looked like Trowa.  But where was Dorothy?

A pale blue haired pet stopped by the table.  “Sir, it is time.”

Zech’s waved his hand and Duo rose.  “Don’t disappoint me.”

Duo gave him a cocky grin and followed the pet from the table.

Tonight’s entertainment was a dominance match between pets.  If they could win, then it would gain them access to more influence and widen their search.  Quatre almost felt sorry for the competitor.  It was obvious that pets were soft and pampered, not a match for the scrappy pilot.


Soon the lights came down and spotlights were focused on the stage.  Duo stood front and center, his hair pulled back into his trademark braid.  The solid black outfit threw his pale skin into stark relief.   He was long, lean, and beautiful.  His large blue-violet eyes stared out over the crowd brimming with confidence.

A cool voice came over the speakers.  “Our challenger today ‘Shinigami’ has asked to be pitted against the standing undefeated champion.  Betting is now open.”

Duo strutted around the stage making sure everyone got a good look and scanning the crowd for familiar faces.  Once he had made a circuit he looked back toward Quatre and blinked.  The blonde would understand that meant.  A wink for success, a blink for failure.

“Betting is now closed at 5-1 odds.”

Duo cocked an eyebrow.  They didn’t think much of him.  Well, he’d show them, no pampered pet would take him down.

“Welcome our current champion ‘Blanca Neko’.”

There was a spattering of applause and murmur of voices.  Duo turned to face his competitor as they stepped into the spot light.

“Hello, Duo.” Dorothy said.

Duo stared in shock.  Dorothy had become a pale vision.  Dressed in a similar pet suit to himself, but in a pale flesh tone that matched her skin.  The affect made her appear nude.  White blonde hair pulled up into a braid and wrapped around her head.  The only color was her amethyst eyes.  They stood out in blazing relief to the white background.  Lean muscle graced her arms and legs.  She stood strong and confident, a small arrogant smile on her lips.

Duo didn’t have much experience with Dorothy, but the other pilots had.  So, he knew she was a fighter, going toe to toe with Heero without blinking.  No wonder she was the reigning champion.

She took a lap around the stage letting the audience look their fill.  Dorothy prowled through the light like the cat she was named.  Duo hadn’t understood the attraction Quatre and Trowa bore Dorothy.   Why would two people who seemed made for each other endanger that for an angry aggressive woman?  Now, as he watched her, feeling the strength and confidence roll off her, he began to understand.  Quatre was all that was gentle and Trowa was a quiet pillar of strength, but a relationship between two men was difficult.  Especially with one in the public eye.  It would be easy to drift apart, letting fear and doubt cloud your heart.  With Dorothy, there would be no doubt, no polite avoiding or hiding.  She would go boldly forward taking what she wanted and the world be damned.

Dorothy returned to stand before him.

“It’s about time you arrived.” She said.

“Begin,” called the announcer.

Dorothy stepped forward grasping his arm.  “I was beginning to think I would have to paint my face on a building.”  With a spin and a twist she flipped him over her shoulder and on to the floor.

Duo blinked up at her in surprise.  Getting his senses back he grasped the foot aimed at his head, flinging her away.  “Sorry,” he apologized.  “It took us a while to replicate the accident that sent your shuttle here and find a way to get us back.”

Duo was back on his feet and they circled each other.

“Have you found the others?” Dorothy asked, lunging forward.

Duo avoided her attack, “No, but Heero and Wufei are in Ceres looking for Hilde now.”

He reached for her wrists and they grappled.  “There are no leads on Relena yet.”  He hooked a foot around her ankle, sending her tumbling backward.  He went with her, pushing her body to the floor.

No sooner than her back touched the floor, then she kept rolling using the momentum to flip him over her head.  She came with him, her thighs gripping his face as she sat on his chest.  “I might be able to help with that.  I was there when she was sold at auction.”

Duo grabbed at her thighs as the squeezed with amazing strength.  He didn’t want to hurt her, but he was under orders to win.  He abandoned her legs and reached for her throat.  She leaned back to avoid his fingers and he succeeded in wrapping is legs around her.

He started pulling when he felt a firm grip on his balls.  Stilling he looked up at the woman above him.  She stared down at him with a half lidded gaze.  Chest rising and falling with panting breaths, nipples peaked and pressing against the thin material.  “But I need you to let me win.” Her palm slid over his semi-hard member.  “The better my master looks, the more power I have to help you find the princess.”

Duo rolled to the side dislodging Dorothy, she moved avoiding getting trapped beneath him.  As he pushed his hands to the floor to rise, he felt a pressure around his throat, cutting off his air.  Reaching up, he felt the hair of his braid.  Duo was shocked; she was choking him with his own hair.

Warm breath puffed against his ear, “I take that as a no.”  Dorothy’s knees pressed into his forearms, holding his arms down and pulling up on the braid.  He thrashed, but she had him pinned.  His feet made contact with her shoulders and back, but the pressure did not lessen.  His vision began to fade, unable to get any air into his burning lungs.  “Tap the floor to concede.” Dorothy instructed.  Duo held out a few moments more waiting for an opening, for any hesitation, but the strangle hold remained firm.  Reluctantly he let his hand fall to the floor.

The braid loosened slightly, just enough to suck in a small bit of air.  Dorothy’s fingers reached into his mouth and stroked his tongue.  Dorothy’s breath was coming in pants as she spoke into his ear.  “Sorry, this is going to hurt.”  Duo couldn’t stop the tensing of his muscles at the statement.  “But I promise to make it better.”

Her fingers left his mouth and were quickly inserted up his ass.  He jerked hissing in pain.  Vaguely, he heard the crowd cheer.  The announcer’s voice filled the room.  “The still undefeated winner, Blanca Neko.”

Duo didn’t have time to think on the consequences of his loss.  The fingers inside him began to move.  The braid dropped to the floor as Dorothy leaned back, thrusting into his body, nimble fingers searching.  A gasp ripped from his throat when she made contact with his prostate.

“Found it,” she said softly.

Duo writhed on the floor as she continued to rub the bundle of nerves.  The pain of penetration long forgotten as bursts of pleasure wracked his body.  Duo whimpered under her skillful fingers.  His cock now full and hard rubbed against the floor, when he wasn’t thrusting back on Dorothy’s hand.

Suddenly, Dorothy stood and Duo was left empty and panting.  His body screamed for release.  The fight had been a bizarre foreplay that he had never considered before, and then Dorothy had worked him into a frenzy.  He lay there no knowing what to do next, the burning in his gut making him desperate.

A hand gripped his arm and rolled him over.  Dorothy stood above him, naked, straddling his waist.  He could see the wetness on her thighs.  Amethyst eyes looked down at him hazy with lust.  “The shows not over.”

Dorothy tore away the flimsy strip of silk freeing Duo’s cock.  Quickly she seated herself, taking him all the way in.  Duo gasped, throwing his head back as her wet heat wrapped around him.  His hands came up to grip her hips and she offered no objection.  With quick rough strokes she rode him.  Duo couldn’t stop himself from thrusting up to meet her.  One of her hands ran up her stomach to clutch at her breast, tweaking the nipple.  She moaned, head thrown back, as she pushed them toward climax.  Her other hand came down to stroke her clitoris.  Her walls spasmodically clenched around him and he knew she was cumming.

She abandoned her own body to reach back and fill Duo again.  When she put pressure on his prostate, Duo lost it, shouting his climax.  Dorothy came with him, clenching him tightly as her orgasm rolled over her.

Dorothy collapsed on Duo’s chest.  He laughed softly, “Somehow losing isn’t so bad.”

The woman on his chest purred.  “You’re lucky.  Usually I use them and don’t let them come.”


“You have no idea.”


Quatre had watched the show, panting and hard.  His lover was amazing and beautiful.  It didn’t occur to him to be jealous.  Nothing that happened here had any real bearing on their lives.  They would do whatever they had to if it meant they could go home.

Dorothy was with him because she chose to be.  He didn’t own her and felt no desire to even try.

When she entered the room again headed to her master’s side the room went still.  Every eye followed her.  The clicking of her high heels the only sound.  She now wore a purple pet outfit that accented her eyes perfectly.  Her long blonde hair fell in a glorious curtain to her ankles.

She passed so close; Quatre need only reach out his hand to touch her.  Dorothy didn’t spare Zechs a look, her eyes focused completely on her master.  Quatre could see him, puffing up with pride.  He possessed the most amazing creature in the room.  If only he truly understood.  The cunning intelligent being that found a way to thrive in a culture that subjugated 80% of is populace and where she possessed no rights.

Quatre couldn’t express his pride.  Dorothy hadn’t let this world beat her down, she had conquered it.

As Dorothy approached the table the red haired pet didn’t move from their master’s side.  Dorothy did not speak or make a move of annoyance; she simply sat in the boy’s lap, across his legs, as if it were her throne.  The boys full lips thinned and his eyes narrowed, but he dared not protest.

Dorothy leaned forward and began whispering in her Master’s ear.  The man smiled and nodded, obviously listening closely.  Meanwhile, Dorothy’s hand disappeared between her and the boy.  Quatre watched as the boys face flushed, his breathing became erratic and his mouth drooped open.  The normal volume had returned to the room, so Quatre couldn’t hear, but he had little doubt that the boy was moaning under Dorothy’s ministrations.

Dorothy turned her full attention to the pet in her grasp.  Their master watched, his hand stroking Dorothy’s leg.

She ran a thumb over the boy’s full lower lip, speaking to him softly.  He gave a quick shake of his head followed by a desperate nod.  Dorothy smiled, leaning down she kissed his mouth.  Quatre knew from experience that she would be plundering those soft lips, drawing out moans and gasps of pleasure.  Finally, she pulled back, directing the red-head’s swollen lips to her neck.  She turned her head to give him better access.

Their eyes met across the room.  The lavender orbs burned into his.  Quatre knew that look; he had seen it many times.  It was usually followed by the sound of his name, in a tone demanding he come to her and participate.  Then Trowa would fix his eyes on Quatre and the battle would be over.  He would be at their whim, doing everything and anything they asked of him.

Dorothy ran her fingers through the red locks, gripping them tightly in her hand.  Quatre knew she was imagining a different man clutched in her arms, one who would only follow for so long before taking control.


Duo finally returned, sinking to the floor beside Quatre.  He kept his head down in a posture of humiliation and shame.  He spoke softly, “Dorothy said she would arrange a meeting.  We should just wait here.”

Zechs didn’t acknowledge the information, continuing to look bored and aloof.

Quatre and Duo watched Dorothy manipulate the red haired pet until he was a quivering mess.

When a bottle of wine arrived at the table Dorothy’s master lifted his glass in salute.  Zechs returned the gesture and waved to the seat beside him.  The man nodded and it was done.



Dorothy’s master quickly takes a seat at Zechs’ table, eager to establish a relationship with a Blondie.  Dorothy and the other pet followed after.  As they approached the table Dorothy placed her hands on the boy’s shoulders speaking softly.  “Kae, keep master company.”  The boy nodded, taking a seat and leaning against their master’s arm.

Dorothy continued around the table and sank to the floor draping herself around Quatre.  The arrogant confidence drained out of her eyes and her face softened.  Cradling his face in her hands, she leaned forward, “I’ve missed you.” she breathed against his lips.

Quatre moved, sealing their lips together.  The kiss was everything she needed; comforting, caring, and loving.  It was a promise; he would take care of her.  This would all be over and she would be back in his arms.

She pulled away to bury her face in his neck.  Quatre could feel the wetness of her tears.  “I want to go home.” She quietly sobbed against his skin.

Duo discreetly positioned himself between them and prying eyes, giving them as much privacy as possible.

“It’s going to be okay.”  Quatre comforted, stroking her hair.

Dorothy’s arms stole around him, pulling Quatre close.  “I’ve learned my lesson.  I can survive, but it isn’t living, if you aren’t there.”

They simply held each other, taking what comfort they could.

Quatre hadn’t been paying attention to the conversation going on above them, but when Zechs moved to stand, a horrible realization passed through him.  Dorothy was going to be taken away.  Yes, they found her, but she was still a Pet.  She wasn’t safe and they weren’t going home.

When Dorothy lifted her head her mask was back in place, cool calculating eyes looked back at him.  Inside he mourned the loss.

She grabbed his hair in her fist and pulled his head back, exposing his long neck and exerting her dominance over a fellow Pet.  Her cheek slid along his, bringing her lips to his ear.  “I love you.” she said.  Releasing him she stood and followed her master without a backward glance.