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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 31

“Rowen.” Cye shook the archer’s shoulder. “Rowen!”

Rowen grabbed Cye’s wrist and pulled him into the bed. Cye landed heavily on Rowen’s chest. “Rowen! We need to-” Rowen plunged his finger into Cye’s hair and pulled him down for an intense kiss. Cye moaned into his mouth.

Cye reveled in the moist heat and the feel of Rowen’s tongue sliding across his own. He indulged in this long self denied pleasure. Only when Rowen’s hand left his head to wander into his pants did he pull back.

“Wait” Cye gasped grabbing Rowen’s wandering hand. “We have to do something about Sage.”

“Why?” Rowen asked staring at Cye with half lidded eyes filled with lust.

Damn Rowen was sexy and for a moment Cye almost forgot about Sage and his problems.

“Sage is in complete shock. Apparently, Kento jacked Ryo on the couch right in front of Sage.”

“Really?” Rowen cocked an eyebrow. “How’d he do it?”

Cye licked his lips, “I believe they were spooning on the couch.”

Rowen rolled them over until he was pressed tight against Cye’s back. “What else?” he purred into Cye’s ear.

A shudder ran down Cye’s spine. “One of Kento’s arms was wrapped around Ryo’s waist.” Rowen slid an arm under Cye to wrap around his waist. “While the other one slid into his shorts.” Rowen skimmed his fingers over Cye’s flat stomach and delved into his briefs. Gripping the semi-hard member he began to stroke the flesh slowly.

“Anything else?” Rowen breathed.

“Ryo has a few marks on his neck, so I imagine Kento’s mouth was busy as well.”

Rowen licked from Cye’s shoulder up to the nape, before latching on just below the ear. Rowen’s hand tightened, moving more aggressively. Cye moaned, involuntarily jerking forward into Rowen’s grip.

“I imagine Ryo moaning and moving like this must have been a sight to see.” Rowen said, continuing to assault Cye’s neck.

“We- we-,” Cye panted, “need to do something.”

“I’ll call Mia and she can handle Sage,” Rowen bit Cye’s ear lobe, “after I finish with you.”


Sage found himself in complete turmoil, unable to find his center. How had his world become so upside down?

It had all just been a game. A way to pass the time. Never had he thought any of Rowen’s comments and innuendos meant anything.

What was he going to so now? Could he accept the situation and continue to live in that house?

He didn’t know.

Sage jerked in surprise when Mia stepped out of the trees. He had been so wrapped up in his thoughts he hadn’t heard her coming.

“Hey,” she said softly.

“What are you doing here? You are supposed to be in Hong Kong for the next two weeks.”

“Rowen called me. He said you might be a little denser then we thought.” She took a seat beside the Halo bearer.

Sage snorted, “That appears to be an understatement. My friends have become lovers right in front of my eyes.”

Mia smiled gently, “I know.”

He turned his head to look at her through his bang. “How do you know?”

She laughed, “Ryo tells me everything. There was a game, there was beer, and one thing led to another until Ryo found himself balls deep in Kento.” Mia’s smile widened at Sage’s blush. “They were a bit freaked out. The next morning they called me right away. But everything seems to have worked out okay. They are happy.”

“What about Rowen and Cye?”

“Oh, well, that I’ve known about longer.”

“What?!” Sage couldn’t believe this. Mia wasn’t home but a few weeks a year and she knew about everyone’s love life?

“I’ve known all along that Cye was Bi, but he and Rowen hadn’t done anything yet. Cye is very much against starting anything with his teammates and Rowen has been softening him up to the idea. Cye’s been putting Rowen off for over a year.”

“I can’t believe this.”

Mia wrapped an arm around Sage’s shoulders and hugged him close. “It’s not so bad. Everything is going to work out fine.” She used her free hand to tuck a lock of hair behind his ear. Leaning in she put her lips close to the shell, her breath caressing his skin. “Since you’ve missed so many other signs I’ll come right out and tell you.”

Sage shuddered at the sensation.

“A couple weeks ago, it was no slip of the tongue,” she licked the edge of his ear, “when I said you made me wet.”

Mia placed her fingers along his jaw turning Sage go face her. She kissed his lips. It was a gentle caress, just a smooth glide of skin.

Pulling away she stood, holding out her hand. “I want you to come back to my hotel with me.”

Text Messages

Ryo: Mia. Do you know where Sage is?

Mia: Yes

Ryo: Where?

Mia: Hong Kong

Ryo: :-O

Mia: 😉