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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 30

“Dude, you guys have to stop this.” Kento said from his position on the couch. He was reclining with his legs tossed across Ryo’s lap.

“That would take more control than he possesses.” Sage said.

“Sage,” Ryo said, “this has gone far enough.”

“Oh you know Sage; he wants to push it as far as he can.” Rowen responded.

“You’re just jealous because it is farther than you can reach.”

Kento and Ryo groaned.

Cye stepped in and leaned against the back of the couch. “Are they still screwing with each other?”

“Sage isn’t getting that lucky.” Rowen said.

“You should know that Cye, he’s only interested in screwing with you.” Sage said.

“And I do every chance I get.” Rowen agreed, “But poor Sage isn’t getting it anywhere.”

“Stop trying to take out all of your frustration on me. You’re so pent up you’re about to explode.”

“You should know-”

“Enough.” Cye interrupted Rowen. “Sage has a point.” He walked over and stood before Rowen. “Let it go, Rowen. Just call Sage the winner of this silly game.” Cye held out his hand. “And you come with me.”

Rowen stared up a Cye for a few moments, “Seriously? You’re not teasing me?”

“No, but make your choice. It’s now or never.”

Rowen grasped the hand before him and Cye pulled him to his feet. “Sage,” Rowen said still looking into Cye’s eyes, “you win. Congratulations.” He tugged Cye close lowering his voice. “There was really no choice. Messing with Sage is fun, but having you is all I want.”

The two men disappeared upstairs.

Ryo and Kento grinned at Sage.

“Way to go man!” Kento said.

“When did Rowen convince you to help him?” Ryo asked. “You had me completely fooled. I thought you were really fighting.”

“What do you mean?” Sage asked.

“Cye’s been holding out for a while, I thought they were never going to hook-up.” Kento said.

Ryo lay down beside Kento. Kento threw an arm around Ryo’s waist and kissed the back of his neck. Ryo grabbed the remote from the coffee table and turned on the TV. “I always thought you were a bit homophobic. I’m glad to see you are so open-minded.”

Sage sat still in his chair too stunned to speak. Then very quietly he said to himself, “It wasn’t all just a joke?”

What in the world just happened?


Day 31