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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 29

“Are you two still in here?” Cye asked.  Again Rowen and Sage were glaring at each other across the living room.

Silence stretched out and Cye realized neither man was going to respond and be the first one to offer a chance at mockery.

“Well,” Cye said finally, “while you two are staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, you completely missed Kento and Ryo’s tickle fight in the back yard.  To get the dirt off they hosed each other down and stripped before heading upstairs together.”

Rowen’s face looked like a kid whose ice cream cone had fallen to the ground without enjoying a single lick.

Sage broke with a soft laugh, “Cye you are vicious.  Poor Rowen is now imagining them in the bathroom right now scrubbing each other’s backs.”

“If you can say that, then you are thinking it as well.” Rowen responded.

“I don’t need to imagine it to know that you are.  You would have to take something as traditional as getting clean into something very dirty.”

“I’m pretty sure dirty is where it started and they are most likely passionately keeping it there, no matter how clean the surroundings.”

Sage’s smile had an evil gleam to it.  “In imagining what Kento and Ryo are up to, I think you have missed the bigger picture.”

Rowen’s eyes narrowed, watching Sage suspiciously.

“Cye brought you the news, but you haven’t stopped to think how he knew.” Sage leaned forward.  “How he watched the whole thing.”

“Are you calling me a voyeur?” Cye asked.

“I believe you’re the one who did that.  I’m just pointing out that you got to see a show without Rowen.”

“You watched strippers without me,” Rowen said in full on pout mode.

“He probably had a hard time pulling himself away.”

“The only hard time I’m having is with you right now.” Cye rebuked.

“Whoa wait, the only one allowed to be hard on Cye is me.” Rowen said.

“I’m sure he doesn’t need you for it to be hard.”

“Maybe, but it is faster and more enjoyable when I do it.”

Cye rolled his eyes and walked away, tossing over his shoulder, “hardly.”

They watched him leave.  Rowen’s lip came out in a full on pout.  “He must be doing it on purpose.”




Day 30