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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 28

Cye stepped into the kitchen to see Sage and Rowen sitting at the table.  He strolled over to the freezer, grabbed a Popsicle, took off the cover, broke it in half and hand each man one.  “Here, suck on this.”

Rowen narrowed his eyes at Cye, “Are you wanting to join in the game?”

Cye pulled a single Popsicle out for himself.  “I don’t know what you mean.  I’m just trying to keep your mouth busy.”

“My mouth is always at your disposal.” Rowen said, sliding the red treat between his lips, slowly sucking on it.

“Disposal,” Sage commented. “I think that is the filthiest word I could call your mouth.”

There was a sharp snap as Rowen bit through in his annoyance.

Cye winced, “Ouch that ruined the mood.”  He grabbed another Popsicle.  “I think I’ll go find an atmosphere a little less aggressive and biting.”


Day 29