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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 26

“Cye, Cye!” Kento whisper shouted.  He waved for Cye to come over where he stood peering into the living room.

“What?” Cye asked.

“Are they okay?”

Cye looked into the living room.  Rowen sat in one chair and Sage sat across from him in the other chair.  They were just watching each other silently.

Cye shook his head in annoyance, rolling his eyes, “Yeah, they’re fine.”

“Then what’s going on?  It’s kind of creepy.”

“Oh, they’re each just waiting for the other one to be an ass, so they can jump on it and be the bigger ass.”

“So,” Kento said, his forehead scrunched up in confusion, “you’re saying they both want ass?”

Cye snorted. Covering his face with his hand.  His shoulders shook with laughter.  He slapped Kento on the back.  “Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.”


Day 27