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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 23

Sage looked up from his book as Kento and Rowen began talking.

“Are those Ryo’s balls?” Rowen asked with a grin.

Kento was carrying a soccer ball under one arm and a basketball under the other.  “Yeah, were going to play in the park.”

“How are your ball handling skills?”

“Pretty good, Ryo and I practice all the time.”

“He must really enjoy it if you go at it that often.” Rowen said snickering.

“Rowen,” Sage said snapping his book closed, “I’m sure Kento would give you a demonstration if you are that curious.”  Rowen’s eyebrows went up in surprise.  “But I don’t know if your weak ass could take it.”

Kento laughed, “I have way too much experience for Rowen.  I’d pound him in to the floor.”  He bumped Rowen with his elbow as he headed out the door.  “But if you really want it, talk to me later after I’m done with Ryo.”

Rowen watched Kento go, his mouth hanging open in surprise.  “What the hell just happened?”

“Kento volunteered to do you after he warms up on Ryo.” Sage said, “Congratulations.”  He got up to leave; he leaned close as he walked by Rowen.  “You should probably stretch first.”


Day 24