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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 22

The morning had passed in blissful silence.  The only good thing that came from drunken movie nights were the day after hangovers that kept the other Ronins in bed till the afternoon.

Sage rarely drank and never to excess.  There was no way he would trust his companions with his drunken self.  There was no telling what they would do.

So far he had caught glimpses of Cye and Kento, but they had kept to themselves and not intruded on his peace and quiet.  The mood was finally shattered by Rowen stumbling down stairs and burying his head in the couch cushions.

“Sage,” came his mumbled voice.  “What happened last night?  I know at least you were sober.  You have to tell me what happened.  My ass is killing me and I just ran into Kento in the hall.  He grinned at me and asked how I enjoyed what Cye did for me last night.”  He gave a pained groan and lifted his head to squint at Sage.  “Please, tell me I didn’t bottom.  I’m a total top right?  I would be the top with Cye I’m sure.”

“You wouldn’t stop begging until he gave it to you.” Sage said. He wasn’t going to deny that he was having a little malicious fun at Rowen’s expense.  The archer was always digging at others at every opportunity.

Rowen let his face fall back into the cushions.  “How could this happen?” he whimpered.

“The way it usually does, you opened your mouth.”

“Please tell me Cye was drunk too.”

“No, he knew exactly what he was doing.”

“Did Kento watch?”  Rowen asked in a quiet voice.

“We all did.” Sage said.

Rowen’s head shot up, “You watched?  How could you just watch it happen?  Why didn’t you stop us or at least leave the room?”

“If Cye couldn’t get you to stop, nobody else stood a chance.  Plus, we all wanted to see your face.  Sadly, it wasn’t much to see.  You acted like it was nothing, as if it happened everyday.”

“What am I going to do now?” Rowen asked.

“Stop getting drunk and be more careful with what you put in your mouth.” Sage said.

Rowen’s eyes widened, “What did I put in my mouth?”  His voice came out as a whisper.

“An entire bowl of habanera salsa.”


Day 23