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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 21

“Hey Sage,” Cye said sticking his head inside the room, “Movie night.”

Sage sighed, setting down his book and following his comrade to the living area. Cye liked to have one night a month where they all gathered together and watched a movie.

As soon as he saw the beer on the coffee table, he knew something was going to go wrong. Unfortunately, the two Ronins who liked to drink the most were the ones who couldn’t hold their liquor.

Sure enough, not thirty minutes into the movie, Ryo and Rowen were wasted. Laughing loudly at nothing, leaning against each other and the coffee table just to stay in an upright sitting position.

“Cye,” Kento said around a mouth full of popcorn, “You’ve got to stop letting Rowen drink. He talks through the entire movie.”

“I don’t mind it when he is funnier than the actual movie.” Cye replied shrugging.

“Yeah, but how can you tell when we can’t hear it?”

“All I hear is you chewing.” Rowen said and laughed like he’d cracked the funniest joke he’d ever heard.

“Chewing?” Ryo asked looking confused. Slowly Ryo turned his head, but this caused it to roll off Rowen’s shoulder and land on the table. Ryo’s face lay on the table looking in Kento’s direction. “When did you get popcorn?”

“Dude, this is my third bowl.”

“I want some.” Ryo waved his hand and made a grabbing motion.

“No way. Rowen will drool in it, dump it on the floor, or throw it at the TV. If you want some, you’re going to have to come over here.” Kento said sticking another handful in his mouth.

Ryo’s eye narrowed determinedly and he struggled to his feet.

Sage watched as Ryo lurched and weaved his way toward the chair. He almost made it when he stumbled and fell into Kento’s lap. Kento had enough sense to move the popcorn bowl out of the way. Ryo lay there for a minute, and then looked up at Kento. “You’re softer than the floor.” Then he crawled up and draped himself in Kento’s lap. Ryo grinned in triumph as the popcorn bowl was settled on his stomach.

“I want a Ronin cushion too!” protested Rowen. He didn’t even attempt to walk. Crawling on all fours he climbed into Cye’s lap. He sat atop Cye’s legs and leaned his head back on Cye’s shoulder. Turning his head he spoke directly into Cye’s ear. “Oh yeah, much better.”

Cye blushed furiously. “Ro, maybe you should move. Sage looks uncomfortable.”

Rowen struggled to lift his head and look over at the couch where Sage sat. “You lonely?”

“No,” Sage said staring at the TV and doing his best to ignore everything.

“Ryo! Sage needs cuddles too!” Rowen shouted.

“Sage?” Ryo asked.


Rowen managed to get to his feet and drug Cye toward the couch. Dropping down next to Sage he leaned heavily against the blonde, putting his chin on the man shoulder. Cye sat down on the arm of the couch, still holding hands with Rowen.

Ryo got up and lurched the few steps to the couch. He held onto the bowl of popcorn and placed it on Sage’s lap as he slumped against Sage’s side.

“Hey!” Kento protested standing up.

Sage stoically stared forward. He only peered at Kento out of the side of his eye when the man started laughing.

“You have got to see this.” Kento said coming to stand in front of the couch, holding up his phone.

Sage refused to blink at the flash. Rowen and Ryo complained of blindness, Rowen whining directly into his ear.

Snorting with laughter, Kento turned the phone so Sage could see the photo. “I think Rowen is drooling into your hair.”

Sage closed his eyes, sighing with weariness.

Why were these guys his friends?

Day 22