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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 20

“Preparation is everything.  Lay out everything you’re going to need before hand, so when it gets hot you’re ready and don’t have to stop.  Now that we have what we need, take it into your hands.  I’ll just watch and instruct you as needed.” Cye said.

“Like this?” asked Rowen.

“Yes, but try using more pressure.”

Why did he always get stuck listening to these conversations?  Sage wondered as he deliberately walked away from the kitchen door.

“The key is the rhythm of the stroking.” Ryo’s voice came from the living room.  “Just like that, keep a steady pace until you feel a response.”

“There, I felt it.” Kento said.

“Good, I’m almost ready.  Just stay like that and I’ll stick it in.”

Sage gritted his teeth at the sound of the couch moving.

White blaze dashed out of the living room.  It looked like Blaze wouldn’t be getting his shot today.

The tiger dashed through the kitchen toward the back door.  The angry cries from the kitchen probably meant the homemade pizza was lost as well.

Day 21