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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 19

Cye and Sage were sitting quietly in the living room, obviously it couldn’t last.

Rowen came into the room giggling.  “Cye look what I found under Kento’s bed.”  The blue haired ronin dropped a box in Cye’s lap.

“What were you doing under Kento’s bed?” Cye picked up the box and immediately dropped it on the coffee table.  “Eew it’s sticky!”  He held his hands out in front of him in disgust.  “Why did you bring that here?”

“You know you’re curious.  Just look at what’s in here.”

“NO!  Go put it back.”  Cye stomped off toward the kitchen.

Rowen pouted at Cye’s retreating figure for a second before turning on the other occupant of the room.  Grabbing the box he headed for Sage.  “You have got to see this.”

Just then the front door opened and the two missing Ronins stepped in.  “Dude!” Kento exclaimed, immediately recognizing the box and attempted to grab it from Rowen.  Unfortunately the box was very sticky and some of the contents ended up falling out.

Brightly colored squares littered the floor and Sage’s lap.  He picked one up and stared at it.  Then turned to Kento, “Why do you have-”

“They’re special,” Kento interrupted.  “I only keep the ones with the Shooting Star.”  He hurriedly gathered the spilled squares and returned them to his room.

Cye returned to the living room and smacked Rowen on the back of the head.  “I told you he takes his Tootsie Pops seriously.”


Day 20