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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 18

“Uh… Ryo…”

Sage stopped when he heard Kento’s voice.  He didn’t want to listen.  He really didn’t, but for some reason he couldn’t move.  They were behind a closed bedroom door.  There was no reason to stay.

“It’s…” Kento said his voice nervous and embarrassed. “It’s not getting hard.”

“I’m sure if we wait…” Ryo said uncertainly.

“I don’t know what happened.  It should be hard by now.”  Kento said his voice obviously distressed.

“Yeah, it’s still soft and it looks like it may have shrunk.  Why don’t we just go to the store and buy something?”

“No.  I need to do it with my own hands or it doesn’t mean anything.”

Ryo sighed, “Okay, let’s start over and I’ll help.”

“Thanks man, but I have to do this myself.  Maybe you could look up some suggestions online?”

They stopped talking and Sage was finally able to walk away.


Later Kento revealed his attempt at making pottery.

It was brown clay in a twirling triangular shape.

Rowen tried to suppress his laughter, “It looks like a pile of-”

Cye stomped on Rowen’s foot.


Day 19