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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 17

Sage looked up when Kento came in and laid his and Ryo’s weapons on the floor of the living room.  Rags, cleaning fluid, and oil were placed on the coffee table.

With sure deft movements, Kento cleaned his staff.  He was quick and efficient, clearly he did this often.

Next he almost reverently eased the first of Ryo’s blades from its sheath.  Placing it on the table he gave his attention to the scabbard.  Pouring a little oil in his palm, rubbing his hands together, and then applying them to the leather.  With long strokes up and down he worked the oil into the sheath.  Strong fingers moving over the leather till it shone.  A look of deep concentration on his face, as he insured to give attention to every inch.

Putting the sheath to the side, he moved to the katana.  He ran a soft rag down the blade insuring it was completely clean.  Changing to a new rag, he applied a small amount of oil.  He caressed the blade, gently oiling the fine edge until it gleamed in the afternoon sunlight.

Kento showed the same concentration and dedication to the other sword.

Sage was witnessing a side of the large warrior that he didn’t know existed.  The strong hands moved with a delicate touch.  Showing a gentleness and precision he hadn’t known Kento was capable of.  Sage found he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the moving fingers as the flexed and stroked over the metal.

Finished, Kento gathered his things and left the room.  Sage stared at the now empty spot in front of the couch.

A pair of arms dropped around his shoulders, a soft voice breathed by his ear, “Daaaamn”


Day 18