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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 16

Cye sat dinner in front of Sage.  Rowen wandered in and sat down next to him.  Cye also place a plate in front of Strata.

“Where are Kento and Ryo?” Cye asked.

“Still hammering each other into the ground.”

Cye huffed, sitting down with his own plate of food.  “The only way Kento is going to take Ryo is down is if he lets him.”

“He still hasn’t learned, it isn’t the size of your weapon,” Rowen winked at Cye, “It is how you use it.”

Rowen grinned at Sage.

Sage kept eating, refusing to be drawn in.

“Ah come on,” Rowen whined, “That was funny.”

“You’re slipping, that one is too old.” Cye said, “You’re usually more creative than that.”

“It’s classic, old school.”


“Want me to kink it up for you?” Rowen’s eyes dropped to half mast.

“I don’t know if you have it in you.” Cye said, looking bored.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it there.”

Rowen grinned and the other two pretended they were not blushing.

Day 17