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Warning: Implied Adult Content

Day 14

Hearing voices, Sage stopped before entering the kitchen, not opening the door.

“I told you to stop.” Cye said.

“I didn’t want to.” Rowen replied.

“Now look at this mess.” Cye huffed, “you’re helping clean this up.”

“It wouldn’t make a mess if you would let me put it in my mouth.”

“What about everyone else?  How do you think they would feel if I let you do that?”

Rowen’s voice dropped, “I don’t care.  I don’t plan on sharing.”

There were some quiet murmurs, but Sage could no longer here what was going on.

Suddenly the door opened and Rowen stood there with a whip cream can to his mouth.  Slowly he pulled it out.  The nozzle dragging at his bottom lip.  As it popped free it left a thin line of white at the crease of his lips.

Sage turned and walked away.

Day 15