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Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 11

Disclaimer: Ronins portrayed in this fic series are 21-years-old.

Sage desperately needed a glass of water.  He headed down the stairs toward the kitchen.  They had stayed up drinking last night.  He’d been the first to head to bed, but he could still feel the hangover nagging at the back of his head.

As he passed by the living room he caught sight of blue hair hanging over the arm of a chair.  Detouring into the room he found the other Ronins littering the room in varying stages of undress.

Cye was laying face down on the floor, shirt untucked, and his head disappeared under the coffee table.

Ryo and Kento were sprawled across the couch in only their boxer shorts.  Their leader was on the bottom, a pillow clutched in his arms.  Kento lay between Ryo’s legs, snoring.

Rowen was completely naked, staring up at Sage without a shred of shame.

There was nothing Sage could do about the heat in his face, but he did his best to not give any other reaction.  He broke eye contact with the blue ronin, but there wasn’t anywhere safe to look.

“Yo, Kento!” Rowen called.

Kento groaned and tried to bury his head into his pillow, unfortunately, his pillow was Ryo’s boxers.

Sage turned away quickly.  Rowen snorted with laughter.  “Kento!  Get you face off of Ryo’s dick.”

Day 12