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Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 9

Sage narrowed his eyes in annoyance when Ryo entered the living area and turned on the TV.  He tuned to some sports channel and sat on the couch.  His blue eyes flickered at Sage a couple times, but they didn’t speak.

Ten minutes later the other three Ronins wandered in.  Cye took the other chair, Rowen sat on the couch beside Ryo and Kento settled on the floor in front of the couch.

No one said anything; they all sat quietly, only the sports announcer’s voice filled the room.

Occasionally each of the other Ronins would glance his way, but no one spoke.

This went on for over an hour.

Normally, Sage would welcome the silence, but something felt wrong.  They were too quiet.  This was possibly the longest he had ever seen Kento or Rowen go without saying something.  Cye could go hours in companionable silence, but the Torrent wearer had been fidgeting in his chair and very deliberately attempting to avoid looking at Sage.

Finally, Sage couldn’t take it anymore and closed his book and left the room.

No sooner than he was out the door then the hushed whispers started.

“Did you see that?” Kento whispered loudly.

“I’m sure it wasn’t what it looked like.” Cye said.

“Sage had a boner.” Rowen announced.

Ryo, Kento, and Rowen burst into laughter.

Sage looked down and flushed with shame, there was an obscene bulge in his pants.

He had miss buttoned his fly.


Day 10