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Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 8

“Sage.” Cye called.  “Come help me unload the van.  Rowen, get Ryo & Kento to take the bag of Tiger food.”

Sage starts moving bags with Cye.  As he heads back outside, he can here laughing and scuffling coming from around the corner of the house.

“Guys,” Rowen laughs, “what about Sage?  He is looking really hot today.”

Sage froze.

“What do you think Ryo?” Kento asked, “How hot does Sage look?”

The voices were much closer.  Slowly the green ronin turned around.  Ryo and Kento were a couple feet from him.  They were in short cut off jeans, and nothing else.  Water dripped from their hair and ran down their bodies.

It took Sage a few moments to comprehend the buckets in their hands.

He chose to ignore the blush on his face and gave Ryo his best icy glare.  He chose to ignore Rowen’s mocking grin.

Ryo wilted under the intensity of Sage’s look.  He gave a nervous chuckle.  “Nah, Rowen looks hotter.”  Ryo turned and splashed bucket in Rowen’s face.

“No,” Kento disagreed, “You’re wrong.”

Sage turned his gaze to Kento and watched the orange ronin raise his bucket and douse Ryo.  “You’re definitely the hottest.”


Day 9