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Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 7

Sage gritted his teeth as he passed the kitchen.  Cye was attempting to cook dinner and it sounded like he was having problems.  There was a loud bang and a yelp.

Cye stormed out of the kitchen, past Sage, to yell up the stairs.  “Ryo!  Get down here and get Kento out of my kitchen!”

Ryo hurried down the stairs.  “What’s going on?”

“Get him away from me or I’m leaving you to fend for yourself!” Cye said with fury.

Dodging around Sage, Ryo disappeared into the kitchen.  Cye followed, stomping after him.

“Kento what are you doing?” Ryo asked.

“Stop touching those!” Cye raged.

“Kento!  Get you hands off Cye’s balls!” Ryo demanded.

There was a scuffle and Ryo emerged from the kitchen tugging Kento along by his ear.  The large man’s mouth was puffed out like a chipmunk.

“When are you going to learn to keep your hands to yourself?” Ryo asked exasperated.

Kento whimpered, silently begging Sage with his eyes.  Sage only cocked an eyebrow.

“I’ll tie you down if necessary.”

Sage was actually relieved, it was the least embarrassing thing to happen all week.

Rowen appeared at his side and leaned an elbow on his shoulder.  “Way to go Kento,” Rowen grinned at Sage, “he just got Ryo to tie him down.”  Blue eyebrows wagged at him.

So much for making it a day without a red face.


Day 8