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Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 6

Today, Sage decided to take a break and have tea at his favorite tea house.  Everything was wonderfully traditional, kimonos, Geta, and blessed silence.  He even received glares (or slight twitching of eyebrows) when he dared to pull out his phone that vibrated in his pocket.

There was a text.

Cye: Wanna Play?

Sage: ?

Cye: [Picture] Ryo’s head lodge between two thighs

Sage choked on his tea.

Cye: Twister

With a loud snap he closed his phone.  A blush poured across Sage’s porcelain skin.  The entire room was staring at him.  He looked down in embarrassment and saw a single spot of tea on his robe.

His humiliation was complete.


Day 7