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Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 5

“Hey Sage,” Cye said, stepping out of the kitchen.  “Would you go get Kento and Ryo for dinner?”  He didn’t wait for a response, returning to the stove.

Sage hesitated, gripping his book tightly.  He knew they were in Kento’s room; there was no way that he wanted to see anything happening behind that door.

Their voices reached him before he made it to the door.

“Come on Kento!  Cye says he and Rowen do it all the time.”

“It feels weird.”

“It should feel better once we get used to it.”

Sage knocked quickly, “Dinner is rea-” The door swung inward.

Kento was on his knees, arms stretched out in front of him across the floor.  Ryo stood behind him, one hand on his hip and the other on the center of his back.

“Sage,” Ryo called after Sage’s retreating figure.  “Does this look like the Extended Puppy or the Downward Dog?”


Day 6