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Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 4

Sage stepped into the hall when he heard someone banging on a door.

“Kento!” Cye yelled, “Give it back right now!”  Continuing to slam his fist on the door.

Rowen came to stand next to him.  “What’s going on?” he asked.

Cye turned to Rowen his cheeks stained pink.  “He took the apron.”

Rowen shrugged, “So?  It was getting old anyway; you could use a new one.”

Cye shot a sidelong glance at Sage before stepping closer to Rowen and lowering his voice.  “Not that apron.  The one under my bed.”

Rowen’s eyes widened and he pushed Cye to the side and began banging on the door.  “Kento, don’t you dare use that apron!”

Sage did his best to ignore the images racing through his brain.

The door swung inward and Kento stepped out, his naked shoulders and arms showing around a pink frilly apron.  A blob of white clung to his cheek and more was splattered down the front of the apron.

Sage felt the heat rise to his face.

Kento pulled the garment off leaving him clothed only in boxer shorts.  Balling it up, he shoved it at Cye, “Here, sheesh.”  He went back inside closing the door behind him.

Cye looked down at the soiled cloth with a look of disgust.  “He ruined it.”

Rowen threw a comforting arm across the shorter man’s shoulders.  “It’s okay.  We’ll just have to find another gift for Mia’s birthday.”


Day 5