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Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 3

Sage was sitting in the armchair by the window reading when Kento stomped in and plopped on the couch.  His arms were crossed and his lower lip was hanging out in a definite pout.  Sage pretended to ignore the orange Ronin and turned a page in his book.  Hopefully, Kento would take the hint (a very unlikely event on the best of days) and leave the room, when he didn’t get the attention he was obviously seeking.

They sat in silence for many minutes with just the soft sound of pages turning.  Kento began to fidget and Sage hoped it was a sign that the other man was going to leave.

Unfortunately, Cye entered the room and sat down next to the sulking warrior.

“I spoke with Ryo-,” Cye began.

“I’m not doing it with him again,” Kento said cutting him off.  “I told him I don’t like it the way he does it, but he won’t stop.”

“He doesn’t mean to upset you.  That’s just how he prefers to do it.” Cye said reasonably.

“Well, he is doing it wrong!” Kento yelled.  “You should only lick!  But he won’t keep his teeth off it!”  The orange ronin glared at Cye daring him to object.

Sage’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance at the wrinkled page of his book where he had crushed the paper.

Cye held his hands up in defeat.  “So, uh… how many licks does it take?”

“Not as many as you would think.”  Kento said, conversationally, “It really comes down to tongue size and technique.”  Coming to some kind of internal decision he stood.  “From now on I’m only doing it with Murasakibura, he understands.”  Kento walked out talking to himself.  “I wouldn’t care if he wanted to suck on it, but biting just ruins everything!”

Cye watched him leave before turning to Sage.  “He really takes his Tootsie Pops seriously.”


Day 4