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I have decided to participate in the ‘Boys of Summer Art Challenge 2016’.  You have to create a new piece of fanwork each day for the month.  I’m getting started a day late, but it sounds like fun and I would really like to see if I can pull it off.

I am going to do a massive multi chapter fic, made of 30 ficlets, one to be posted each day.

Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 2

Sage stepped through the doorway, intending to head to his room, but stopped as he hears Kento let out a deep moan.

He looked around and saw to pairs of feet tangled together over the arm of the couch.  The back of the couch blocked the rest of his view.

“Ryo,” Kento gasped, “right there, harder.”

“Like this?” came Ryo’s soft reply.  The couch squeaked under their moving bodies.

Kento moaned, “Yeah, yeah.  Just like that.”

Sage stepped backward intending to get out of the room as quickly as possible.  He didn’t want to hear anymore of this.  Later he would let them know how offended he was that they were doing this on their couch, in broad daylight.  Definitely later, when he was calmed down and his face didn’t resemble a tomato.

Unfortunately, he bumped into a body behind him.

“Hey guys,” Rowen called from over his shoulder, “You know from this angle it looks like you are having sex?”

Ryo’s and Kento’s fully clothed upper bodies appeared above the back of the couch.  “What?” Ryo asked in confusion.  “Kento strained a muscle wrestling with White Blaze.  I’m massaging his back.”

Sage attempted to remain calm and composed, not letting any of his disturbing thoughts appear on his face.

“Next time,” Rowen supplied helpfully, “you should take off his shirt and I have some oil you can borrow.”

Sage choked and quickly headed for his room.

He had the most embarrassing roommates.


Day 3