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I have decided to participate in the ‘Boys of Summer Art Challenge 2016’.  You have to create a new piece of fanwork each day for the month.  I’m getting started a day late, but it sounds like fun and I would really like to see if I can pull it off.

I am going to do a massive multi chapter fic, made of 30 ficlets, one to be posted each day.

Warning:  Implied adult content

by Nova

Day 1

Sage wandered into the kitchen.  Ryo and Kento were sitting at the table.

“I can do it.” Kento said.

“No way.” Ryo replied.

“Yeah, I can.”

“Dude, it is too long.”

“Ryo, I’m telling you.  I can fit the whole thing in my mouth.”

Sage almost dropped his tea cup.

“It’s bigger than you think, but I’d like to see you try.”

“Okay, whip it out.”


Sage slowly turned to see Ryo peeling a banana.

Ryo and Sage watched as Kento easily slid the entire fruit into his mouth.  Kento looked very smug as he chewed.

“Wow,” Ryo exclaimed, slapping Kento on the shoulder.  “That is amazing.”

Rowen came to stand next to Sage.  “Look at that.  Kento has no gag reflex.”  He looked at Sage with a grin.  “I wonder what else he can swallow.”

Day 2