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I set this in the same universe as Nature or Nurture.  I am going to be writing a prequel about how Touma and Kayura got together.  The below scene takes place in that story.

Writing Challenge 5-1-2016

A character discovers a dark secret

Ryo (Ronin Warriors)
Kaijo Team (Kuroko no Basuke)

As the two men moved farther into the city, Seiji noticed that there were fewer and fewer people around.  The buildings also were falling in quality and care.  They were definitely headed into the poorer, seedier part of town.  He glanced at the man leading him.  Ryo was confident, not showing any trepidation.

Normally Seiji would avoid human cities and humans in general.  The recent attacks on cities by dragons had raised dragon hatred to a fever pitch.  It only took the slightest spark and he would have the entire city trying to skin his hide.  Unfortunately, he needed information and Ryo knew where he might get it.

A group of hired swords had survived the recent torching of the capital city.  They might have valuable information on the whereabouts of the attacking dragons.  The Dynasty had hidden themselves well and Seiji was determined to find them and stop their slaughter.

There were shadows following them, he could see flickers of movement in doorways and alleys as they passed.  Ryo either was unaware or unconcerned.  Seiji internally assessed how far he was willing to go to save the human.  He would not expose himself, he decided.

A figure moved into the street, blocking their way.

Ryo waved, “Kasamatsu.”

The man ignored Ryo and glared at Seiji.  So much for keeping his nature secret, Seiji sighed internally.  Kasamatsu’s eyes didn’t wavier from Seiji’s face.  He could smell the magic radiating off the sword at the man’s hip.  But it wasn’t just the weapon; the man had a subtle odor of magic, a familiar.

Seiji halted a few feet away.

Ryo continued on and when they were abreast Kasamatsu stepped between Ryo and Seiji.  “Don’t worry Ryo; we’ll take care of him.”

The three men that had been trailing them now stepped forward to flank Seiji, their magic swords naked in their hands.  The men moved confidently and in coordination, obviously a team with experience.  Seiji didn’t take his eyes off Kasamatsu; the signal for attack would come from him.

Seiji watched the confusion appear on Ryo’s face.  “What?”  Ryo made a move toward Seiji and Kasamatsu caught his arm.  “We came to get information about the attack.  Kikorin isn’t dangerous.” Ryo protested.

“He is extremely dangerous Ryo,” Kasamatsu stated, aggression in his voice.  “He’s a dragon.”

Seiji remained still, face empty of emotion.  He was ready for the attack; he couldn’t concern himself with Ryo’s reaction to the news.  The enemy was too close for him to transform, but he should be able to leap on the nearby building.  Luckily it didn’t appear that they had any intentions of injuring his guide.  That left him free to take care of himself.

“I know,” Ryo said, pulling away from Kasamatsu.

A quick blink was the only visible reaction from Seiji, inside he was shaken.

Ryo took a protective position in front of Seiji.  “I know a dragon when I meet one.  Kikorin is here to help.”

Seiji could see the shock in Kasamatsu’s eyes.  Ryo was just full of surprises.  The young man obviously intended to defend Seiji against Kasamatsu’s men.  It forced Seiji to change his plans, but he wasn’t irritated by the complication.  It wasn’t often a human willingly aided a dragon.

“What dragon are you bound to?” Seiji asked Kasamatsu, “Who do you serve?”

The men shifted uneasily.

“Kasamatsu, doesn’t serve anyone.” A voice said from the shadows.  A man stepped from the shadows, “he just tolerates my presence.”

Seiji watched the blonde approach, “We thought you were dead.” He said as the dragon came to stand before him.  “Kise.”