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Writing Challenge 2016-04-23

Must have a duck in it.

Shutoku Team (Kuroko no Basuke)
Noin (Gundam Wing)


“Yes, Shin-Chan.”

“What is this?” Midorima pointed a taped finger at the sleeping ball of feathers on the seat of his mobile suit.

Takao poorly suppressed his mirth, “your lucky item.”

The other cadets started snickering as the green man trembled with rage.  Midorima scooped the offending creature up and prepared to toss it across the base.

“What is going on here?!” a commanding voice called out.  Everyone immediately came to attention.  Lieutenant Noin walked along the gangplank past each of her students, stopping in front of Midorima.

An irritated and distressed squawking was coming from behind the green haired man’s back.

“What is that Cadet?” Lt. Noin asked, her tone brook no argument.

Reluctantly, with a glare at his roommate, Midorima brought his hand up to reveal the frightened duckling in his palm.  “Lucky item.”

Noin smiled gently and scooped the animal into her own hands.  She cooed and stroked its downy head until it calmed.  Returning to her stern expression she handed it back to Midorima.  “You may keep it in the barracks.  Please take it there now, and then you and Takao will run ten laps around the base.”



“Yes, Sensei.”


One year later.

“Midorima.”  Lt. Noin’s voice rang across the hanger.

Midorima stilled, swallowing hard he turned to face his teacher.

“What is that?” she asked in a pleasant tone.

The man wasn’t fooled, reluctantly he held up the plastic duck.  “Lucky-”

“No.” she said firmly.


Her harsh gaze made him quake under her stare.  “Go.”

Midorima could hear the laughing of his fellow cadets as he left to return to the barracks.


Takao sputtered with hissing laughter as Midorima returned to the hanger taking his place in front of his mobile suit.

Noin nodded approvingly at the item tucked in Midorima’s elbow.  She reached out and stroked the creature’s head.  “It’s good to see you again Lucky.”

The duck quacked and wagged its tail happily.