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Master of Games
by Nova of Mink

“Welcome Heroes all….”

Duo looked around the room in amazement.  He of course recognized everyone.  First was him and the other four gundam pilots.  The four girls standing around their crying leader, Sailor Moon.  Standing quiet but aggressive, the Ronin Warriors.  A calm cool collected Robin and an almost bored Teen Titans.  And last looking totally confused, the Seirin basketball team.

The master of Games continued to speak, “you will compete in a battle-

“Wait! Wait!” Duo called out.  “Stop, how can we take this seriously?”

“What do you mean?” The Master of Games asked.

“I mean, Come On!” Duo pointed to the Ronin Warriors, “Saved Tokyo.”  He pointed at the Teen Titans, “Saved North America.”  He pointed at the gundam pilots, “Saved the planet.”  He pointed at Sailor Moon, “Saved the Universe.”

Finally he gestured at Kuroko, “Play basketball.”

“Hey!” Kagami yelled, stepping toward Duo.  Easily the tallest guy in the room, he towered over the braided pilot.

“Hmmm,” The Master of Games rubbed his chin, “you have a point.”  He snapped his fingers and the Sirien team vanished.  “Now, on with the game!”


“What the fuck was that?!” Kagami yelled.