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Warning: Male x Male relations

This was written for my sister, based on a poorly worded text, that just had to become a story.



Bottoming out

A loud moan was tore from Anubis.  Firm fingers moved down to the small of his back.  The blue haired Masho whimpered, “No, farther, I’m not ready.”

A husky laugh came from above him and the fingers moved back up his spine.

Anubis buried his face in a pillow willing his body to relax.  “It was a mistake,” came his muffled voice.

“I tried to warn you,” Rajura said, kneading the man’s shoulders, “his weapon is more formidable then you gave it credit.”

A groan came from the depths of the pillow, “it’s not right for a sixteen year-old to be hung like that.  I’ll never walk right again.”

Rajura reveled in the pained whimper as he ran a hand over Anubis’ abused backside.  It had been extremely arousing watching Kongo have his way with the Masho.  Once he begun there was not stopping him.  Anubis had been screaming his pleasure with every thrust of the boy’s hips, almost to the point of forgetting the blonde below him.

If Anubis was wreaked, Korin was destroyed.  The lavender eyed boy had passed out before Kongo had finished with Anubis.

Thanks to him, both boys thought they were ravishing Tenku.  But he had watched it all, cock in hand.

Rajura squeezed a buttock, causing Anubis to sob again.  He couldn’t wait for the blue haired Masho to recover.  He fully intended to plow that ass himself.