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Just a small idea I had after reading a bunch of fanfiction where everything turned out okay when Akashi (or some other prince character) defied the king for his slave.


The Choice
by Nova of Mink


Akashi looked down at the boy below him in surprise.  Tetsuya hadn’t told him no before.  All the years they had been together, he had willing done everything and anything Akashi asked.

After all these years of fighting himself the man he wanted was gloriously nude spread across his  crimson sheets.  Tetsuya’s skin glowed against the blood colored cloth.

“Tetsuya?” Akashi made his voice cool and calm, giving no hint at the fragile state of his control.

“I will, of course, do anything my prince Akashi asks, but I ask only one thing of you.”

Akashi nodded for him to continue.

“Admit that what you do now will end in my death.”

The blood in his veins ran cold, “No, I won’t-”

“Be able to stop it.”  Tetsuya interrupted.  Those ice blue eyes watched him, not with passion or desire, but acceptance.  “Your father will not allow it.  You are the crown prince; no harm will come to you.  The slave who got in the way, on the other hand, is easily removed.”

No, he wouldn’t let it happen.  King Akashi was ruthless, but so was his son.

He had to have Tetsuya; there was no turning from that path.  Not another day could go by without having this young man in his arms.

“No one will know.”

Tetsuya shook his head, “there are no secrets in the castle, and you know that better than anyone.”

Akashi frowned; he was not used to defending his actions to anyone.  He ran his hands over the slim torso, rubbing thumbs over flat pink nipples.  The body was stiff and unyielding, its owner staring at him.

“Akashi-kun.” Tetsuya demanded.

“Yes, there is a possibility, but that is all I will admit.” Akashi said firmly, leaning down to kiss the soft pink lips.

Tetsuya nodded and raised his arms to wrap around Akashi’s neck.


It happened, as Tetsuya predicted.  The sun had not yet risen when the guards barged into the prince’s bedroom.  The blue haired slave as quickly taken away and Akashi imprisoned in his rooms.

At noon, a group of guards held Akashi down.  The king stood nearby and watched his son struggle and fight, tears rolling from his red eyes.  They listened to the screams as the slave was tortured and killed.

When the screams were finally silenced, they left the prince alone.  He lay on the bed that still smelled of his lover and cried silently.


Akashi had never been a violent man.  Usually, his voice was enough to get a response out of anyone he wished.

His wife now lay on the floor clutching her burning cheek.  She had thought their years of marriage had earned her the right to defy him.

She had dared to touch the small pallet in the corner.  A small blue blanket lay folded on it, with a book lying on top.  It had lain unused for the entirety of their marriage, but always carefully tended.  She had only wanted to store it away.

She watched in stunned silence as Akashi lovingly moved each item back to its original place.

Never again would she touch it.


Akashi stood over his dying father.

They glared at each other.

“As you denied me that which I wanted most in the world, so I have denied you, Father.”  Akashi’s voice was cold, “There will be no Akashi heir; your line is finished.”



“No,” Kagami said, “we don’t go into Rakuzan.”

“They are paying top dollar.”

Kagami shook his head, “Sorry, doesn’t matter.  My partner and I don’t go into that city.”

“Yeah, I don’t know.  You always talk about your ‘partner’, but I’ve never seen him.”

Kagami laughed, “Yeah well, sometimes I don’t see him either.”  He waved goodbye to the Trades Master, “I’ll check with you at the end of the week, if you find another job for us.”

The tall red head left the busy market place and headed for the church near the front gates of the city.  He knew he would find his partner there.  Every year on the same day, the man would light a candle and pray for a man he never met or even knew his name.

Carefully looking down each pew until he saw the slight blue figure.  Kagami took a seat next to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and pulling the tear streaked face to his chest.

“I should have done something different,” a voice sobbed from his shirt.

Kagami rubbed his back as he cried it out again.  “There wasn’t anything you could have done.  The choice was never yours.”