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Aomine dodged around Taiga and leapt for the basket, Taiga was right there to bat it away.  Tetsuya was right there to throw it back into play.

Taiga and Aomine faced off again.  He had yet to win one of their One-on-One games.

After they arrived back to Nijitani, he’d been playing every day.  Tetsuya reserved them time in the afternoons, then once Taiga was done laying waste to him, they headed over to Seirin.

Aomine was a little miffed to find out that his favorite place was owned by Taiga and the red dragon was also the cook.  Tetsuya was the invisible food delivery service.  He had to watch what he said because you never knew when the little shit was listening.

He attempted a fake, but Taiga was right there, not letting up.

Aomine bit back a frustrated oath.

“Is that all you’ve got Ahomine?” Taiga smirked.

“No way Bakagami.” Aomine bit back.

But the truth was he was giving it his all.  He’d improved with each match, but now he had hit a wall.  He was so close; he knew at his core, he could take Taiga.

He dodged low to the right, Taiga stole the ball.

Taiga threw the ball back at him; it slammed into his chest hard.

“More!” Taiga put himself in Aomine’s face again.

Son-of-a-Bitch! Aomine raged silently.

As he dribbled the ball, everything slowed, Taiga was outlined in red, the net a brilliant white.  He stared at the red dragon and he could see Taiga’s next move, he knew exactly what the red head would do to block him.  It felt like he was moving through water, each move slow and deliberate.  Aomine double faked and moved wide of the net.  Taiga stuck with him, but he tossed the ball behind his back.  Even as it left his hand he knew it would go in.

When he landed it was with a heavy resounding boom.  He turned to look at Taiga and frowned in confusion.  He was so far away.

Suddenly, Tetsuya was in front of his face, blue scales shimmering almost silver.

“Aomine-kun, come with me.  Don’t think, just follow.”  Tetsuya said.  He flew up and out of the arena, the roof was missing.

Doing as he was told, Aomine didn’t think about it, he jumped up and followed Tetsu.

The rushing air stung his nostrils.  Muscles he didn’t know he had flexed and moved.  Glancing to the side, he saw large blue wings.  As he flexed these new muscles they responded.  His wings, the thought sank into his mind, he was flying.

There was a rush of wind as Taiga flew over him.  He watched the red dip down toward Tetsuya.  Taiga ran a clawed foot up Tetsu’s long neck along the spine ridge.  The blue dragon darted down away from the contact.  Taiga laughed and raced on, Tetsu gave chase.

Aomine started to follow, when a blue dragon appeared on his right.  He’d never seen him in this form, but he knew instantly that it was Touma.  There was a look of pride in the blue eyes.  Another blue appeared below and he knew it was Kayura.

Dragons began to fill the air.  Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and all shades in between.  It amazed him that he knew many of them, instinctively recognizing them.

When he looked back at Touma, he had been joined by three more, they flew in formation together.  Aomine was surprised to see the lead dragon was Shuu, with a figure riding his neck, gripping the skull spikes.  Ryo waved at Aomine.

The dragons near Aomine moved off as a red and gold dragon moved in on his left.

Well done, Aomine heard in his head, congratulations Daiki.

The next word was directed at them all.  Come.

Everyone fell in behind Seijuro and they flew out over the sea.


Hours later.

“Yo, Tetsu.  How do I land?”




Nature or Nurture – Omake