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I really hated that everyone missed the fight, so here is chapter nine from Haizaki’s pov (the gray dragon).



Haizaki twisted his foot grinding the disgusting hatchling into the ground. It wasn’t really a dragon, anymore than a monkey was a man. He was doing everyone a favor putting it out of its misery.

Tetsuya was struggling to stand among the trees where he’d been tossed. Haizaki made his way over to the blue dragon. It was really too bad, he didn’t have anything against the smaller dragon. Actually liked him more than most, but he was in the way.

A tail lashed at Haizaki’s face and he pulled back, barely dodging it in time. His grin was full of teeth, he liked his prey to fight back. Lunging forward he pressed his weight on Tetsuya’s back. The smaller dragon collapsed under the strain. One pale wing was impaled by a broken sapling, a whimper of pain escaped him.

That wasn’t nearly enough. Haizaki bit down on the wing bone near the shoulder of the undamaged wing. Using his powerful neck muscles, he snapped it in two. Tetsuya shrieked in pain.

Laughter bubbled up his throat; Taiga wouldn’t be showing up, not after his battle with Seijuro. He could take his time and kill Tetsuya slowly. Then he would have the thrill of watching Taiga go insane. The guilt of being unable to protect his partner would destroy him.

Tetsuya twisted his head around and took a breath, the fire building inside.

Haizaki locked his jaws around the blue neck, cutting off his air supply and trapping the flames. Tetsuya writhed in pain, the building pressure in his abdomen had nowhere to go, eating the oxygen in his blood. The gray bit down harder, blood ran down its jaws. A gurgling sound let him know he had punctured the trachea.

The blue thrashed a few more times before going limp.

Satisfied Tetsuya was unconscious for now, Haizaki drug him back toward the hatchling. He planned to tear its head off and eat it, just to make sure it stayed dead.

He dropped the pale blue dragon and moved to finish his work, but he noticed it was moving. Damn little bug wouldn’t stay squished. As he came closer, he realized someone was kneeling over the body.

Haizaki cursed silently when Kayura looked up at him. This was a battle he had wanted to avoid. He didn’t want her dead; they were the last of the Dynasty dragons. She should be with him, not against him. His father had filled his head with the stories of her battles. With her they had killed more dragons then were currently living in the valley.

She blazed with blue lightning and her human form disappeared. Glorious deep blue scales glittered in the sun. While her size was slightly smaller than his own, she was sleeker and more agile, plus, she had a few millennia more experience than he did.

Her head weaved and bobbed as she approached. Haizaki backed away, hissing aggressively. They began dancing around each other, looking for an opening to attack.

Haizaki snapped his jaws close to her head, but she didn’t flinch, reading the bluff for what it was. Her tail lashed, drawing his attention. He almost missed the wing slicing at his head; he ducked low avoiding the blow. The move forced him right where Kayura wanted him. Her front claws wrapped around his throat.

Kayura didn’t use a wide funnel of flame; she sent a tight concentrated stream into his eye. He writhed and struggled in her grip, trying to tear his face away from the flesh melting pain. The fire ended to be replaced by her teeth clamped over his snout. The melted scales parting easily as the sharp bones sank into his flesh. The pain was eating at him, not allowing him to think. He lashed out at her blindly, but she easily avoided his attacks, dragging him off balance with her grip.

He had to get away now. She would not stop until he was dead. Out of his good eye, he saw the remains of the hatchling. He slammed his tail down on it. He took satisfaction in the smear of blood on his gray scales. She released him with a cry to huddle over the still body.

Haizaki took advantage of her distraction and launched himself into the sky. He looked back, but she didn’t follow. Heading south, he flew out of the valley. There was no way he was sticking around for the inevitable confrontation with Seijuro.