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I don’t have a lot of reasons for this fic, just wanted to express rage and anger.  It is told in a very odd manner, a blend of first and third person.  Mostly due to it be written over many years and just being a different person each time I edited it.  I finally added an ending and filled out some of the timeline.



She stood before them blazing in a red aura.  All of the hatred and pain radiated from her in waves, bringing doubt and guilt to the warriors as it rolled over them.  As if they were somehow to blame for the twisted creature in ancient armor confronting them.

There they are.  She recognized the four armors; they are comrades to the Korin.  They will not stand in my way.  You will all pay for the pain you have caused. But where is Korin?

The light blue armor approached speaking words she did not understand.  He extended his hand to her much like she used to do with the deer in the forest near her home.  A deer is stupid and trusts too easily.  I am no deer.  I know what you are.  That is it, come closer.  She gripped the slim metal staff in her hand more tightly.  Just as he almost touched her she swung the staff at his knees.  He jumped back, just as she had predicted.  Before he had a chance draw his weapon she lunged forward using her staff as leverage she kicked his unprotected face.  He fell to the ground unprepared for the sudden vicious attack. She followed him, landing on his armored chest and raised her staff intending to stab the pointed end through his throat.

But the one in orange must’ve not trusted her for he was almost upon them, but he would still be too late.  The staff rushed down to end the demon’s life, but sparks flew and knocked off its aim.  It buried in the ground just scratching his neck.  Ripping it free she barely raised the slim metal staff in time to block the large iron staff aimed at her head.  She jumped back for firmer footing and confronted the horned monster face to face.  He is too strong, he knows his weapon and I have not his skill.  Slowly, she backed away, forcing him to follow, or believe he was pushing her.  To the side she could see the red holding the light blue as it stood drunkenly.  It will do you no good, he may not have died from the blow as I intended, but the poison will do him in very slowly.  She allowed the orange to guide her back; she knew the deep blue was behind her waiting.  She bided her time, watching the orange’s eyes.  There, he glanced at the blue one, there he is.  Making a quick jab at her opponent, he stepped back taking himself out of range.  Placing him too far away to stop her next move.  Spinning she threw the staff like a javelin at the deep blue demon not 2 yards away.  He dove to the ground and the staff embedded itself in the building behind him.  Running forward she used it as a spring board and leapt high into the air, drawing her katana as she flew.  Landing gracefully she turned to confront her armored foes.  She cursed inside.  I am not winning.  They fight too well as a team.  Alone I would most certainly succeed.  This is wasting my time. Where is Korin?

“Where is KORIN!?”  She spoke her question at them in frustration.  Her voice came out raspy like sandpaper against their eardrums.  It burned her throat.

They paused, looking at each other in confusion.  “Korin?” said the deep blue.

“KORIN!” she screamed.  It tore out of her, as if her throat were bleeding under the pressure.

The demons again began to converse in a perverted version of Japanese.

In a slow stuttering speech the blue asked, “Who are you?”

“Where is Korin?”  She snarled.  Eyes narrowed she stalked the speaker, forgetting the danger in her anger.

“I am here,” spoken in cool perfect tones, came from behind her.

Her muscles became rigid and she slowly turned to face him.

400 years of waiting and it finally stood before her again.  Its glowing green visage took her back in time.  She again stood in the ruins of her village.  The smell of spilled blood fresh in her nostrils, the bodies of loved ones like broken toys littered the ground.

He lay at my feet.  Finally the murdering scum is going to get what he deserves.  Mother, brother, sister, I will avenge you.  Your killer will die by my blade.  Father you should see your little girl now.  You thought I was such a disgrace; practicing fighting, warfare, and mastering my chi.  Always wishing me to be more like my older sister Shaylee beautiful, delicate, and biddable.  But if I had not raised my blade our family would have died in the first wave of evil.  No, I would not let that happen.  You should have seen Mother. She took out 2 soldiers with nothing but a frying pan.  She made me so proud; in that moment I regretted every weak thought I ever had of her.  She was a born fighter, if you had only let her show it.  You, who kept her from showing her strength, where were you?  Not here to protect her like you promised.  Not that we needed you.  No we would have survived on our own.  But this demon stepped from the darkness and cut us down from behind.  Shaylee protected our little brother with her own body, but his huge sword cut through them both.  Mother was grief stricken and charged at him, trying to rescue her babies. He knocked her away like a fly and her head smashed against a rock, ending her life.  My rage knows no bounds.  I will not rest until he dies.  I swear it upon my soul.

Our battle was fierce, but I put all of my pain, rage and hate into focusing my gift. Even his sword forged in hell could not break the force of my soul.  My katana glowed blue with my power.

It drips with his blood, he is now scared on more places then his face.  I stare into his blue eyes as I prepare to deal the final blow.  They glow with anger, pain, and (my lip curls in disgust) lust.  “Die demon.”  I whisper, lifting my sword high, it will soon be over.


My name.  Who calls?  It sounds like father, but father is away protecting the city.  My sword swings out to my side as I turn to see glowing green armor.  Who is he?


I feel the blade slide through me.  With sick fascination, I look down to see the demons sword protruding from my stomach.  “And your life is mine” His deep voice breathes in my ear. “Forever.”

I feel his armor on my back as he pulls me tight against him, facing the green armor.  “Thank you, wearer of the Korin armor.  You have saved my life. I will now repay you by sparing yours.  We will fight another day.”

My eyes burn with the image of that armor “Korin”.  You have stolen everything from me my life, my honor, but mostly my revenge. It is the last thing I see as my world fades to black.  Yet, I hear my father’s voice call my name as I die.


The pain, it rips through me.  It will not go away.  I must be dead, yet I still feel the sword deep in my gut.  The deepest sharpest pain comes from my heart.  I failed; I deserve this punishment of never ending pain.

“She lives.”

Is he talking about me? Where am I?

“Her soul is strong; it will not leave her body. My spirits cannot take control.”

Yes, I am alive.  My lungs burn with my shallow breaths.  I can feel the dark souls trying to take over.  I will not fall so easily, go away, leave me.  I must have my vengeance; nothing will stand in my way. Take the pain, focus it.  I can feel the power that is my heritage flow through me.

“One moment, I may not be able to control her, but I can read her thoughts.”

No, stay out of my mind!  Fingers of dark power move through my brain.  They flip through my feelings, memories and most treasured secrets like one would the pages of a book.

“She fights me, but this time she cannot win.  Yes! There is the answer.  She has the blood of the ancients in her.  It is much diluted, but there nonetheless.  She burns for revenge.  It strengthens her reasonable powers beyond the bounds of normal humans.  She is alive by strength of will alone.  Master Arago, you will find this very interesting.  Her hatred burns not for the Dynasty, but for the Korin armor”

Korin.  My blood flames at the name.

“That may prove useful.  Anubis.”

“Yes, my master.”

“You have proven yourself worthy of becoming one of my Masho.  You have also brought us a weapon that could prove useful in the future.  You may take your prize.”

I don’t care what they say.  It does not touch me.  As long as I live I can still gain my vengeance.  Even the pain is dulled under my rage.

“Thank you, master.”

I can feel my life slipping through my fist.  I cannot die yet! KORIN!!


My name. Father is that you?


No, father is gone. Everyone is gone.

“Open your eyes.”

No, I can’t.  It takes all of my strength just to breathe and not scream in pain.  I have nothing left for such trivial things.

“Open your eyes and I will end the pain.”

End the pain?  I will try.  Raising my eyelids is the hardest thing I have ever done.  Blue eyes look into mine.  The demon is still alive and promising to end my pain.  I would rather die.  My eyelids begin to fall.

“If you die now you will never avenge your family.  How can you leave this world without killing those responsible for their deaths?”

He is right, must live for them.  I stare him in the eye.  I will live.  He grins in triumph.  One-day demon I will kill you.

He grips the hilt of the nodachi protruding from my body.  He and the sword glow with a dark light.  A slick oily feeling spreads through me.  Ever so slowly he withdraws the sword.  I can feel the cold metal of his hand as he places it on my stomach, where a gaping hole should be.  He has healed me but it has left a tainted evil behind.

“Feeling better?”

Demon I will see you bleeding and dying at my feet again.

“Do you want to know what I will do with you now?”

I am now the prisoner of a monster.  I do not need to be told what is going to happen to me.  I will survive this hell; vengeance will be mine.  Korin.


The whip whistles through the air again.  This time it lands on my shoulder lashing down across my chest and abdomen.  It must have left welts, but I cannot tell.  It just blends with others networking my body.

I have been here ten days.  Ten days of pain.  I can barely remember what it is like to live without pain.

“SPEAK!! I will not stop until you give me what I want.”

I am used to the sting of the whip now.  My blood flows around me, but I will not let you win Demon.  Oblivion is just moments away, soon I will feel nothing.  I do not even hear the whip anymore, but I see a new spray of blood so he must have struck again.  I will get you for this.  I will destroy you as you have destroyed me.  Korin.

Day 100, the first day that I have not been whipped.  As I carefully sit upon my pallet against his bedroom wall, I wonder how long it will be before his lust brings him back and my solitude will end.  I am becoming used to my lack of clothing, but the sight of my flawless flesh angers me.  Not even one scar mars my skin to show what I have suffered.  He heals all of the wounds he inflicts.  I no longer flinch when he looks at me now; it only gives him a sense of power over me.

Focus, have to focus.  Use this time for meditation; strengthen myself for the next battle of wills.  Erase all thoughts of the disgusting things he does to me.  Calm, serene, like a still pool deep in the middle of a forest, unseen by man.  Only magically creatures visit here.  They come to share in this peace.  The pool is my soul, deep cold untouchable.


Waves crash against the shore, the peace is broken.  The demon has returned.  My eyes remain closed, ignoring him.  The battle begins again.  What will be his first move this time?  Pleasure or pain?  As much as it disgusts me, he knows how to use a woman’s body against her.

“Tinara, you would do well not to ignore me.”

His armored hand wraps around my throat.  Not choking, but lifting me high off my feet.  With a quick movement of his arm, I am flying across the room and slam into the far wall. The salty taste of blood fills my mouth; I have bitten through my tongue.  I let the blood drip to the floor, so it is to be pain.

10 year anniversary of my shame.  10 years since I smiled, since I laughed, since I spoke to another living soul.  My memories are still so strong; I cannot close my eyes without those bloody memories haunting my dreams.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The demon also knew what today was and he gave me a gift.  He told me that he is as much a prisoner as I am.  They cannot return to the mortal realm.  Too much peace surrounds the world; they must wait for darker times.

Now all hope of ever returning to my world, my home, my life, is gone.  All I have to live for is the demon’s death.  He will not let me die. I have been brought the edge a hundred times and more, yet every time he brings me back. He must die first.  His lust to conquer me is equal to my desire to see him dead.  Which of us will win?  We have all eternity to find out.

50 years of hatred have destroyed my soul.  My body does not age and my powers are becoming stronger, but this evil is soaking into my skin.  I now know more ways to inflict pain and shame then I ever thought possible and there is still more to learn.

I have found I am not alone here.  This is the first year I have left the demon’s chambers.  I had thought I would enjoy a little freedom, but I should have known there is no joy in hell.  I have glimpsed other monsters, much like my captor.  There are also prisoners like myself, a few have made overtures of friendship, and I ignore them.  These people are broken; they have no spirit left.  I am still fighting and have no wish to waste my emotions on mice too pathetic to fight back

100 years

I have found a field of flowers.  It was so beautiful, I doubted my eyes.  Had the pain of living driven me to hallucinations?  No, they were real and I now visit that field as often as possible.  I will just sit and think about my family and remember all the good times we had.  This is where I mourned my loved ones for the first time.  I was just sitting there thinking how Shaylee would have taken one of the pink blossoms and tucked it behind her ear.  Then the tears started and I could not stop crying.

150 years

The sound of metal striking metal rang through the room.

Damn this sword!  It’s too big.  I can’t control it; I just do not have the strength.

Swords collided again.

Grrr barely deflected his attack in time.  Coward, you are afraid to let me have my katana.  You know I would defeat you again.

“Oh, Tinara.  You can do better than that. How can you expect to win with such pathetic skill?”

Just you wait demon.  I will master this weapon.  I will do whatever I must to destroy you.

200 years

“Hahaha, I shall never forget the look on Rajura’s face when you pinned his hair to the wall.”  The demon’s voice rumbles as he sucks his way down my throat.  “Ah, my prize, you never disappoint me.”

The damn leather bonds don’t even budge when I yank at them.  You’d think I would be used to being tied to his bed by now.  He must know how much I hate this.  Stretched out on display for him, unable to fight back, him free to do what ever he wants.  Argh, get your hands off me.  I want to scream my pain at you, but that would only give you another victory.  My blood boils with emotion and you will use it against me.  You will make my body shudder in release while staring into my eyes watching the hatred & passion swirling there and I can do nothing to stop you.  One day demon, one day you and Korin will pay for this.

Life has developed a rhythm; beatings, battle, silence, & sex.  But today he kissed me.  While he was raping me.  He gently kissed my lips & face.

All night it plagued me.  Why? What did he want?  What did he think it would gain him?  I could not comprehend his motives.

When he awoke in the morning with his usual foul mood, I was relieved to get back to our routine.  Instead of taking his anger out on me physically he spoke to me about his dreams.  How they tormented him and wouldn’t let him rest.

I gave him no outward response.  Inside I was only more confused.  What was happening?

This new behavior continued and something is happening to me.  I feel something other than anger.  My hatred is all I have felt for so long.  I don’t know how to handle this new emotion.  What am I feeling?  I can’t remember.

When I look into the pool that is my soul, I see the red-eyed monster that all this evil has turned me into reflected back.  But today I can see a pair of brown eyes under the surface.  Those eyes look familiar.  Where have I seen them?

STOP!  LEAVE ME ALONE!  He followed me to the field.  Sitting with his back against the trunk of my tree.  He took my hand in his and fell asleep.  I want to rip my hand free, but part of me won’t do it.  What is happening?

I can feel her now.  That girl deep inside.  I thought she was dead.  She responds to the demon’s kindness.  She wants to reach out and comfort his pain.  I won’t allow it!
He needs us
He tortured us
He cares for us
He Raped Us!
He wants to love us
He’s a Demon, he doesn’t know how
He’s a man who wants to learn
I want him dead
I want to be loved
Not by him
By someone
We don’t need love
I’m so lonely
I don’t want to feel this
I need to feel this
It’s my turn now

The pool reflected a pair of brown eyes.

That night I did not resist, welcoming his embrace.  A part of me deep inside still held my voice, but I spoke through my eyes and reached out to him for the first time.

300 years

With a gasp she sits straight up in bed, the blanket in a claw like grip hugged tightly to her chest.  Her breathing is fast and ragged as she gazes wide-eyed across the room. She is sweating and shaking from the horrible images in her mind.  The horror of her family being butchered by this demon that seems so much like a man to her when she is awake.  The anger and hatred war with the feeling of being cherished and cared for.  This is disturbing enough, but now the dreams have taken on a new twist.  Images of a child appear.  She knows it is her and Anubis’s child, but it is more demon then human.  She is holding a baby in her arms with solid black eyes.  It is then ripped from her arms and Anubis is teaching it how to kill and torture the weak and innocent.  She screams her denial and pleads for it to come back to her, but when it turns and look at her.  Its eyes are empty and blood drips off its chin.

Anubis’s voice drifts out of the darkness.  “Another dream?”

Slowly she nods her head.  Let him believe it was the same old nightmare.  She would not confide in him, no matter how much she needed someone to talk with.  I have accepted my fate, but I cannot give more of myself to you.  Is this dream for telling the future?  Am I to be a mother to a demon?

Pulling her back down Anubis wraps his arms around her, doing his best to comfort her.  But his touch just brings the dreams that much closer to reality.

I won’t let it happen. I will kill it first.

She fell to her knees, a dagger clutched tight in her fist.  The day had come; her body had created new life.  No no no, this couldn’t happen.  Staring down at the blade, she could not deal with this.  So, she allowed her self to sink below the waves.

Red eyes glowed in the darkness, with strong confident strokes, she carved out her uterus.

An awful insane grin split her lips.  Perhaps he would be too late to save her this time she thought as her blood washed across the floor.

She awoke to the pale light of a flickering candle.  Her body was strapped to the whipping post for the first time in decades.  There was no pain and when she looked down, the flesh of her stomach was completely healed.

The only light in the room came from candles on either side of her.  Searching the darkness she finally found him.  Sitting in the corner, faint light flickered of the red mask.  His voice was soft and filled with venom.  “You killed my son.”

Deep inside she ached for the pain in that voice, but mostly she felt triumph.  Finally, she caused him a fraction of the pain she had endured.  A smile curled her lips.

He came to her then.  The full body armor clanking, he raised a fist and smashed it into her face.

Pain exploded, but as he raised his fist for another blow she grinned.  They were both demons again.

400 years she has waited and now he stands before her.

Only now she was strong and nothing would stand in the way of her vengeance.

Seiji had to stop as the girl faced him.  Red eyes glowed with hatred and the promise of a swift death.  A face riddled with scars, broken bones healed incorrectly.  It was a horrible sight to behold.

With an enraged snarl she charged and he fended off her off-balance attack with half a mind.  He was distracted by the image of a pair of sad determined brown eyes that overlapped the demon before him.  Normally he would have had no trouble defeating such a reckless opponent, but he could not bring himself to strike her as a rush of memories flooded his mind.

A small five year-old girl, long black hair pulled into a pony tail, doing mimicry of Aikido. The same girl a little older drinking tea, slowly the girl aged as the images flashed by.  Eating, reading, laughing, but one picture came again and again.  Dressed as a boy in a clearing practicing kendo in secret, the ages and skill changed, but always in the clearing, always unaware of the watcher.

They weren’t his memories, they belonged to the armor.  Korin knew this girl.  With a struggle he controlled the images washing over him and concentrated on stopping her from hurting either of them.  Out of the corner of his eye he could see Ryo holding a limp Shin.  Kongo looked ready to charge in to the fray and Touma had an arrow ready to fly.

“No Touma, Shu!  Stop.  You mustn’t hurt her.  She isn’t evil, the Dynasty did this to her.”  His gaze went back to the girl in front of him.  He could no longer see the blood crazed shell she had become; now he only saw the strong young woman desperate for her father’s approval she had been.

“Tinara, stop,” he said softly, the name slipped off his tongue without conscious thought.

Her face twitched, but she continued to flail wildly.

“Tinara,” this time it came out firm and commanding.

She stopped moving sword pointed at the ground.  Slowly she closed her eyes and bowed her head.  The red aura around her flickered and flared until it was a steady purplish pulse.

Seiji thought he had gotten through to her and it was over, but Korin showed him yet another image.  Tinara had just been insulted and ridiculed by a Dojo master for her wishing to train.  She was standing in almost exactly the same stance.  When her head had come up, she had coolly challenged the teacher.

So, when she raised her head to look at him he was unsurprised to find them steady and in control.  When she attacked it was more speed and skill than she had shown before.

Sparks flew; their battle was fast and furious.  She was almost his equal, even with Korin’s experience and power, but she had one advantage over him.  While he could not bring himself to harm her, she had every intention of killing him and her whole being was in pursuit of that goal.  One of the pervious wearers of Korin had loved this girl, he could not betray that.

Seiji didn’t know how he was going to end this without one of their deaths.  When aid came from an unexpected source.

Dodging backward he stumbled, as he fought to bring his sword up, another blocked her blow.

Anubis stood between them.  She hissed in hatred.  Seiji used the distraction to give himself room to maneuver.  Her eyes tracked him.  “Korin” rasped from her throat.  Anubis attacked forcing her to concentrate on the Masho.  “So, now you speak.”  Sage heard anger and what sounded like pain in his voice.  “Nothing all these years and then you speak for him.”  Steel on steel rang through the air as they fought.  “We are returning now.”

She slowed and her eyes became empty and dead.  For a moment everyone could see the girl she had been.  But only Seiji and Anubis heard her response.  A pain filled whisper, talking almost to herself, “never, never again.”

Unconsciously, Seiji took a step forward and the moment was broken.  The killer was back.  Eyes blazing, face contorted, she attacked.

Seiji made his way toward the others as Anubis and Tinara fought.  He healed Sai as he spoke to the group.  “We have to find someway to help.”

Kento shifted his weapon and scratched his forehead, “Dude, I don’t know.  Helping Anubis just don’t seem right.” Kento said, earning him a glare from Seiji.

“What can we do?” Touma asked.  “She wants you dead and she already tried to kill Sai.”

Sage closed his eyes and called up the memory of the armor.

The Masho were attacking, the Ronins went to fight.  It was a decoy.  They had drawn them away and attacked Korin’s village.  When he returned he found two of his children and his wife slaughtered.

Tinara.  Where was Tinara?  He followed the sound of battle.

There she was fighting someone in mystical armor.  He saw the power around her.  One day she would be able to summon the Korin armor.  Even as her name passed his lips, he knew his mistake.  He tried to warn her, but it was too late.  He had the horrifying privilege of watching his daughter’s face as she was killed.

The man spoke, but he heard nothing.  His world was those eyes, hating him.  He had killed her not the sword and they both knew it.  His favorite child, his daughter, his Tinara.  “TINARA!” he screamed, dying inside as she disappeared.

Tears rolled down Seiji’s cheeks with the remembered pain.  It was deeper and more horrifying than he could have imagined.

The dynasty had turned a young girl into a monster and he had no idea how to bring her back.

Stepping away from Sai he turned back to the fight.  He could tell by the blows they exchanged, this was a battle they had enacted many times.  Still, he could see Anubis holding back, he had no more intention of killing her than he had.  But what could he do?

Then she stumbled and went down.  Her blade lost to the side.  Anubis reached down and grabbed a hold of her.  He knew what his enemy intended.  Returning her to the Dynasty.  He couldn’t allow that.

Seiji leapt in to the fray.  Anubis released the girl to defend himself.

Tinara pulled her self up and watched the battle with cold eyes.  She had lost.  All these years of training and pain, but she was still unable to defeat either of them.  Bitterly she realized neither of them had any intention of killing her.  She hated them even more for that.

Korin’s companions were easing her way, but she ignored them.  If Korin wouldn’t kill her than they wouldn’t either.  Her gaze stayed fixed on the battle.  How she wanted to make them suffer, the anger gnawed at her insides.  Deep down another part of her just wanted it to be over.  No more pain, no more suffering, no more internal war.  This life had gone on too long.

As she watched, they powered up their attacks.  She knew this was her moment, she sprinted to them.  As they unleashed, she came between them.

Seiji watched in horror as the girl moved in front of him.  There was no pulling back it was too late.  He screamed, only to have it echoed by his opponent.

She faced Anubis and watched the knowledge and pain fill his eyes.  Perhaps she couldn’t end his life, but she knew this deed would cause him suffering for the rest of it.  It was all the revenge she was ever going to get.

When the light faded, there was nothing left.  No body to hold or comfort, no hope to save her, just nothing.

Vaguely, Seiji watched Anubis fall to his knees.

He didn’t know how long they stayed like that, when the other Masho appeared around Anubis, they grabbed him and flicked away.

Seiji could hear his friends speaking, but none of it penetrated the fog.  He had murdered a woman.  How… Why… What was he supposed to do now?  He didn’t deserve to bare the armor.  Korin flared around him, he felt an influx of power.

Korin understood.  Tinara was now where she was always meant to be, part of the armor.  Just as one day, his life energy would join with it.  It was the cycle for those destined to bare the armor.

Her destiny was now fulfilled.  All that was left was to convince his human heart.

Anubis leaned back against the tree and dreamt of a hand in his.