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Writing Challenge 2016-02-11

The story starts during a day off. The story takes place five years into the future. During the story, a famous person goes missing.

Rakuzan Team member

Wufei settled on a bench in the park.  It was situated just off the jogging path to his back and faced the lake in front.  It was warm, but just enough breeze to not be hot.  He opened the file he had been carrying to look over the contents one more time.

It was his day off, but he couldn’t let this go.  A photo lay on top of a young man of sixteen.  He looked steadily at the camera, only the barest hint of a smile graced his lips.  The hair was bright red, matching one eye, while the other was a brilliant gold.  Akashi Seijuro reported missing, last seen leaving his home over five years ago.

He had gone over the slim contents multiple times.  As far as he could determine, nothing had happened with the case before it landed on his desk last week.

Why him?  Why now?

A gentleman sat down next to him.  “Hello, officer Chang,” he said in polite tones.

Wufei looked up from the file.  The Emporer himself sat just a couple feet from him.  The head of the Rakuzan group, what some might call a mobster, but the man referred to himself as an aggressive business man.  It all depended on your perspective he guessed.  If you were a company he was after, it would probably feel like an attack.  Since, he personally, had been investigating Rakuzan for three years, he could say with some authority, nothing illegal could be proven.


“To what do I owe this inopportune summons?  I had to cancel some very important meetings to be here.”

He handed Akashi the file.  “Thank you for taking the time.  I thought you might like to see this.”

Wufei watched the red head flip through the few pages quickly.  The reaction he received wasn’t what he expected.  Akashi laughed, the red eyes glittered with mirth.  There was an actual smile on his lips when he handed it back.

“To answer your question, yes, that is me.”

“Your eyes are different.”

“Yes,” he replied, but didn’t elaborate.

Wufei nodded.  “This file is five years old, do you have any idea why it would end up on my desk?”

“Obviously, someone knows of our acquaintance.”

“You may be reclusive, but there are a lot of people who know who you are.  Its not like you have kept your identity a secret.  Why drag up this file now?”

Akashi was still smiling, but it was the arrogant predatory smile he was accustomed to.  “I imagine it is an old man trying to save face.”

“Go on.”

“Alright, officer Chang, since we have become such good friends.”

Wufei didn’t detect any sarcasm in the statement, but couldn’t help feeling that this was some kind of joke to Akashi.  He had had many meetings with Akashi, with Rakuzan employees and customers.  For three years he had been a stubborn annoyance within the walls of the Rakuzan Group.  But for all of that, he had always been treated respectfully.  Which is why Wufei had not hesitated to contact Akashi with his questions.

“I will tell you my story.” he said, leaning back on the bench.  “I played basketball in school.  My father was against it, but he allowed it as long as I upheld the family honor.  Which meant I was never allowed to lose, not even a practice game.”

A frown marred Wufei’s brow, “Everyone loses sometimes, especially in competitive sports.”

Akashi’s stare was firm and absolute, “I did not.”

Wufei nodded for him to continue.

He smiled before continuing, “That is until high school, the Winter Cup championship game.  I was defeated by a player I discovered and trained.  Just a shadow that no remembers seeing, but that day, he beat me.”  Akashi looked out over the water.  “The Seijuro I was then, the golden eye, could not handle defeat, it was an impossibility.  They say emotional trauma can do many things to the body.  My eyes changed that day, now I am a person who understands that defeat can happen and deal with it appropriately.”

“Does it happen often?” Wufei asked curiously.

Akashi looked back at him, a small smile on his lips.  “Only once.”

It took a moment for that to sink in.  It really was a terrifying thought.  No wonder so few people went up against Akashi.  He now understood why the file was on his desk.  Who else would be willing to face this man.

“I did not take the lose well, but my father took it even worse.  He demanded I quit basketball for I had greatly shamed him and my name.  I refused.  He disowned me and banished me from my home.”

“Over a basketball game?”

Akashi nodded.  “The name of the man who filed the report, was our butler.  I can only assume that once father found out he had it buried.”

“So, who would want me to find you now?”

There was a cold gleam in those red eyes now.  “I would imagine the same man who had it buried.”  Akashi called over his shoulder, “Kyoya, how much of Akashi International do we now control?”

A thin man with glasses appeared holding an ipad.  “90% as of this morning.  It should be 92% by the end of the day.”

Akashi nodded waving his hand in dismissal.  Turning back to Wufei, “he denied me the right to inherit, so I am taking it, piece by piece.”  He pointed at the file.  “This is his way of showing his enemies that the Akashi company is really just going to his son and not being stripped out from under him.  He cannot welcome me back, nor can he admit that he was wrong.”  He rose from the bench.  “Do what you want with the file, but understand, I will not acknowledge him as my father.”

Wufei rose as well, bowing politely.  “What will you do Akashi-san?”