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Writing Challenge 2016-02-10

The story is set in a school. A character becomes thirsty during the story.

Gundam Wing Character

Duo grumbled under his breath as he cleaned the biology lab.  It wasn’t his fault the class was so boring or that the teacher’s voice was so soft, it would make anyone fall asleep.  Prof. Naza let him sleep through lunch AND made him spend detention cleaning.

He was hungry and thirsty, but he didn’t dare leave.

Still mumbling to himself he grabbed an empty beaker off the counter and filled it with water.  He was just raising it to his lips when he heard a voice.

“I wouldn’t do that.” spoke Prof. Naza’s soft voice.

“Why?  Its just water.”

Naza stepped further into the room, a ball python draped around his shoulders.  “Yes, but that is the container I use to extract venom.”

Duo stared at the beaker in horror.  As he slid to the floor in a dead faint, Naza grabbed the beaker before it could hit the floor.

Naza shook his head, “sleeping in class again.” he said, taking a drink.

He pet the snake on his shoulder.  “Silly boy doesn’t know none of you are poisonous.”