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Yes, I know, it took way too long to come up with an idea for this Challenge.  It seemed so easy, but I really struggled to come up with anything even halfway interesting.  It isn’t much, but I wouldn’t let myself quit until I wrote something for this Challenge.




Writing Challenge 2015-12-01

Content: Dust
Characters: Cyborg, Cye, Catherine


“AAAAAGH!” Catherine screamed.

Cyborg and Cye came running.  “What happened?”

Catherine was in the hall pressed tight against the wall clutching a broom to her chest.

“S-s-something is in there,” she gasped.

Carefully they peered around the door frame into the bedroom.

Everything looked calm and still.  The room was a disaster of clothes, garbage, and stuff in piles successfully hiding all of the furniture.

Cye patted Catherine on the shoulder consolingly.  “Its-“

Cyborg cut Cye off with a hand over his mouth.  A metal finger pointed into the room.

From under the mountain, that he assumed was the bed, were dark objects moving around.  Slowly, large balls of dust eased out of the shadows and across the floor.  They surrounded a bag of skittles laying open and spilled across the floor.  Tiny black hands scooped up the candies.  There was a happy chortling as they scampered back to the bed sweets in hand.

Catherine and Cye turned to Cyborg.

“First Silky, now this?!” Catherine said.  She handed her broom to Cyborg.  “Sorry, I’m out.”

Cye took off his apron and handed it over.

“But guys,” Cyborg called after his friends.  He gave Gar’s room on last look before chasing after them.  “I’ll get some bug spray or something.  Please, don’t leave me alone with this!”



For anyone who doesn’t recognize them.  The dust balls are from Spirited Away.