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I loved the Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works series.  The end for Archer, just drove me crazy.  I had to write my own ending.


Fate End


A dark room came into view.  A red sigil faded into the floor.  The figure before him wore a black cloak so only the mouth could be seen.

“Archer,” came a female voice.

“Yes.”  He answered, resignation settling in.  Another Holy Grail war, what a waste.  Humans never learned.

“Do you bare the pendant?”

His eyes narrowed as he watched the figure before him.  There was the sound of shuffling and he realized there were figures all around them, all cloaked.  “What pendant?”

She raised her hand and Rin’s red heart necklace dangled from her fingers.

“No,” he answered coldly.  These people knew too much, this was no random summoning.

There were excited whispers from the cloaked figures.  The woman before him smiled in satisfaction.  “Perfect.”  She turned to their audience.  “Begin.”

She turned back to him, pushing back the hood of her cloak.  A vaguely familiar face with dark hair and eyes looked back at him.  “I believe this belongs to you.” She held the necklace out to him.  “Please, put it on.”

“Is that a command?”  He asked with suspicion.

She blinked, tilting her head in a hauntingly familiar way.  “No, but I can make it one if that is necessary.”

He took the necklace and placed it around his neck.  The heart was warm against his chest.

The feel of magic gathered in the air.  Green sigils began to glow in a circle around them.  “What is going on?”

“Long ago a woman, an ancestor of mine, was unable to save the man she loved from his fate.  So, upon his loss she began crafting a spell.  It would take her the rest of her life to finish it.  If she could not save him from the path he was determined to walk, then she would find a way to end his suffering.”

The shadowed figures were chanting, as different sigils flared.  The woman stood amid the magic circle without fear, her focus completely on him.

“Every generation of the Tosaka family has participated in the Holy Grail Wars for the last 300 years with the sole purpose of summoning the Servant Archer.”

“You have no wish for the Grail?” he asked.

She shook her head.  “It is worthless to us, we know its true nature.  You are the only thing we desire from the Holy Wars.”

“What do you think you can do with me?”  There was no hope left in his heart for what she proposed.

“We are going to cast her spell.”  She looked at him seriously, the smile leaving her face.  “You have suffered a fate worse than death.  Would you now be willing to settle for death?”

“Death holds no fear for me.”

She nodded.  From a pocket she pulled a knife.

“Bound by blood.”

He watched as she sliced her palm open and let the blood drip to the floor.

“Bound by magic.”

Archer felt his left shoulder burn.

“Bound by Death.”

She placed the dagger over her heart.

“Archer Shiro Emiya, I command you to die. Die. Die.”

Even as he felt himself collapsing he watched her plunge the knife into her chest.

Once again he found himself standing amid the Unlimited Blade Works.  Whatever they had attempted had failed.  It was useless to try and undo the will of the gods.

“They were fools to even hope.” He said.

“That’s not fair,” a voice said behind him.

He turned slowly, unbelieving.

“We should never give up hope, no matter how slim.”  Rin casually looked around.  “This place is just as dreary as I remember it.  I can’t understand why you would want to spend eternity here.”

“Rin.”  Archer said. “How?”

“Magic,” she smiled at him.  “You bare my family crest, we are linked through magic.  It was never undone and I chose not to remind you, encase we ever had need of it.”  She turned away to stare out over the plain.  “Then we are bound by blood through our child.” she hurried on not letting him think on what that meant.  “So, if I could only find a way to bind our souls then it would pull you from the eternal limbo outside of time and join mine.”

He reached out and settled his hands on her shoulders.  “But it failed and you have joined me instead.”  His heart ached that should would endure the eternal torment he suffered.

“That is fine with me.”  She turned back to him slipping her arms around his waist.  “I would bare the burden with you.”  Her smile lightened the layers of darkness that gathered around him.  “But it isn’t necessary.  We can leave here anytime we wish.”

He frowned.

Rin giggled, “How do you feel about the ocean?  If I’m going to walk in sand, I would prefer the waves lapping at me feet.”

The landscape wavered and Archer found himself standing on a beach, a bright blue ocean stretched out before him.

“Welcome to the afterlife.”

Stunned, he didn’t resist as Rin pulled him down onto the sand.  She lay his head in her lap.    “Rest, I’ll be here when you wake.” Gently, she stroked his hair gazing down at him lovingly.

“Rest, Shiro”