I was inspired by the way vampires have become these dark heroes in novels and films. Gone are the days when they were monsters to be feared.  Welcome back ‘good old days’


‘The final battle is about to begin.  James must re-enter Hell and face his maker.  He must find a way to defeat the evil that made him, before it consumes Laura, the human woman that he loves.’   “Devil’s Due” by Jessica Morely

Jessica woke with a start.  She stared off into the darkness of her room wondering at the panicky thumping of her heart.

“It’s interesting,” said a voice beside her.

Jessica’s head spun on the pillow to see a figure stretched out on her bed.  The woman gazed down at her with heavy lids holding Jessica’s latest book in her hand.

“The title is ‘Devil’s Due’, but Satan isn’t even in the book.”

“The-,” She squawked out of a dry throat; licking her lips she tried again. “The villain thinks he is the Devil of old and the society he rules, he calls Hell.”

The strange woman propped her head on her hand looking down at Jessica curiously.  “But who would risk pissing off Satan by pretending to be him?”

Jessica blinked up at the woman in confusion.  “He’s a vampire.”

The woman nodded.  “Exactly, so he should know our master intimately.”  Her lips pulled back into a frightening grin, glistening fangs on full display.

Jessica leapt out of the bed, running for the door.

The woman stood before her, golden knob in her hand.  “I was sorry to hear ‘Devil’s Due’ is the last of your vampire novels.”

Jessica slowly backed away from the frightening creature before her.

“I found the struggle for vampires to reclaim their souls and fight their evil instincts quite hilarious.”

“I-i-it wasn’t,” Jessica stuttered, “wasn’t a comedy.”

The woman stalked her around the bed.  “Oh, but it was.”

Jessica’s back hit her dresser and knew she was trapped.  The woman casually took a seat on the bed, continuing conversationally.  “Having read all of your fictional vampire novels, I thought you might enjoy meeting the real thing. I only waited this long, because I didn’t want to ruin the chance for more novels.”

A cold sweat broke out on Jessica’s skin under the cold soulless gaze of the woman.  “Are you going to hurt me?”

“Yes,” the woman said matter-of-factly.

Jessica’s stomach clenched uncontrollably.

“Unlike ‘James’, I am evil.  Purely, completely, there is no room for choice or doubt.” She rose and moved close “There is only want.” Reaching out a hand she caressed Jessica’s cheek.  “No guilt, no conscience, no worries or fears.  Only want.” She leaned in and inhaled deeply.  “Your fear is wonderful.”

“Is there anything you want to know before you die?” she asked licking the skin of Jessica’s throat.

“Why are you doing this?” Jessica whimpered.

“Because I want you to experience being a vampire; you’ve written about them for years, if anyone deserves to truly understand, it is you.” She pulled back and grinned, “And it amuses me.”

“How did you become a vampire?”

“I went looking for death and it found me.”

Tears slid down Jessica’s cheeks, “but I don’t want to die.”

“Yes you do.  When the moment comes you won’t fight, you will go willingly like I did.”

“Has anyone won the fight?” Jessica asked gaining hope.

“Of course, but they had the shield.” The vampire wiped away some tears with her thumb and brought the moisture to her tongue.  “You don’t believe in God and are all alone.”

Jessica blinked in surprise.  “What?”

Her grin was all mockery.  “There is only one thing standing between humans and Satan.” She leaned forward her teeth almost touching the flesh, “His name is Jesus Christ.”  She laid a hand over Jessica’s heart, “but he isn’t here.”

Fangs buried themselves deep, piercing the artery of the neck.

There was a moment of brief pain, then ecstasy.  It was as if her blood were liquor, she was drunk and floating.  The world floated away, no cares or worries.  Just pleasure washing over her filling her.

Darkness wrapped itself around her, eating away at her vision.  Distantly she saw a pinprick of light, but it was far away.

Her body began to shake, raked with orgasms.  Pleasure poured over her like nothing she had ever felt before.

The annoying light burned her eyes.  She let her lids fall, but still it stayed in her vision, distracting her from the rapture consuming her.    Eagerly she sank into the welcoming darkness, away from the cold painfully light.

The light finally fled and Jessica opened her eyes to a whole new world.

Her vision was better; the darkness was as bright as noon day sun.  Scents and smells reached her that she couldn’t identify.  She felt completely free.  Nothing burdened her mind.  Looking at the vampire before her, watching her own blood running down her chin, in some part of her brain she knew she should be afraid, but it wouldn’t come.

The vampire reached out cradling Jessica’s head between her hands.  With a swift movement, she snapped her neck.